Tuesday, September 30, 2008

America's past time

I know I haven't been on here for what seems like forever.
But I've been pretty busy going to the games, and being busy off my ass.
(and on occasion guest blogging on pulling a blyleven.)

I must say this year has been a surprise, so many break out stars. So many highs and heart breaking loses.

Now it all comes down to one game.
It's the mini world series, as I call it. Yeah it's catchy and I'm copyrighting it so back off.

Two teams.
And when it comes down to numbers, it's almost a mirror image.
They lead in HRs.
But we lead in RISP and two out RISP.

The white sox are telling their minnions that they must wear all black.
Did they hear what happend when a certain football team did that?
Guess not.

I won't lie, I am super nervous but I ate Jimmy Johns and mac and cheese and a slushee today. That means morneau will get two more rbis so he can be #1 in rbis.
He already RBI'ed my heart *pitter patter*
Okay I addmit that was pretty hallmarky.

I sit here now, eating ginger chicken and I think "wow this is good." and then I think "If the twins can be as good as this, they can win." then I realize I'm slowly making myself go insane because of all the stress pushing on me. I am talking to myself.

I would really like for us to win, not only because we'd win the division but we'd clinch it IN chicago, Blackburn would be the winning pitcher. And Ozzie Guillen would probably spontaniously combust. Instant replay that. Delivery of the game THIS!

I will post soon after the game, lets hope I am a happy panda, not a sad one.


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