Friday, June 29, 2007

minneapolis rock city..betch.

Detroit- 1 TWINSSSSS- 11!

Grand slam.
And I freaking called it too!
I'm so happy, it's his first grand slam of his career.
Awwww for cute.
All I can say is.
Pretty much.
Santana= <3

Right before the game I called my friend and said
"ya know..detroit. They are uh, yeah good. I don't want to be a big d-bag but I think maybe we might get our asses handed to us. Maybe."

But remember, when I say we suck or a certain player sucks. We/they do good.

I love how you had errors. You guys seemed like you were like "uhhh..WHY ARE THEY DOING GOOD. REMEMBER, WE ARE IN FIRST..*spontaniously combusts*"thanks for that.

<3 Karlee


All you people who rag on Punto.Remember how mauer didn't hit for the longest time until he got this grand slam? And how morneau isn't doing so good? I don't care if he hits bad. He is a good player. He's half and half and I find that perfectly fine. As long as we should be fine. Right? Right.
Most of the guys on the team have more "swinging" power than Punto. But Punto fields amazing. And scores in alot of runs. So why hate on him so much?


I love how they had 6 runs but only scored 1.And we had 9 hits...yet scored 11.
Time for me to party hard.

until next time,

in the land of MVPS.

What I'm about to tell you...might shock you.

Ya know the giant milk jug blow up thinger ma jizzer jazz at the dome?
Thats where morneau sleeps.
Because he loves milk.
Remember its his most valueable pour?
(M V P..HA. GET IT. *blank face*)

They should make a huge Jimmy Johns sandwich above it, so he could have the loft he's been dreaming about. He told me he was thinking about remodeling anyways.


half and half, please.

Twins8 Canadia5 -
(we won two they won two. It's only b/c canadians are all about being equal.)

The game started off kinda..well..not good.
Silva was making karlee mad. But he forgot I was there so he started doing better (true story...)

Mr.499 got his 500th home run.
So I guess he's Mr.500 now.
But the home run didn't help.
Because we owned them. Hard.

Torii I knew you had it in you! 2hr's. Oh yes.

Jason Bartlett,
So you got another home run eh? Just to let you know you made me spill my beer a bit. On a small child. THANKS. But my drunken state I thought you look like a tiny Johnny Depp. I don't know why. I think it could of been those silly beer goggles I was wearing. But thanks for the home run, it made the rally fox go so wild his leg fell off (AGAIN: and ps..I'll post a pic of rally fox. He's a must for every game I go to.)


And a lil detroit mixed in.
That equals a possibly AWESOME game.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

wha le eff.

canadia 5 twins 4-

What Punto did was amazing.
I'd like to thank jays for sucking during that time.
I wish you guys would of sucked more :( oh well.

I'm too tired to say anything funny.
Gotta sleep early so I can go to the uber early twins game.

go silva go silva go!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Naughty Gardy...

twins 2 canadia 1 (12 innings)

First off.

Uh, yeah that last post I said about...uhh.."gobacktotheminorleauge"
I quite possibly take that back.
You were amazing.
You made me squeal and my jaw drop.
And it didn't help I drank a whole bottle of boones farm and god knows how many beers.....
Karlee was going all batty. (I roll mad deep,yo)

Maybe if I keep on saying certain players suck, they will do good....who would I think sucks now?

Cuddyer at first?WHAT. Yeah, I got confused.
I thought I was already drunk.
Good job for getting on base twice and scoring the only two runs. *bows*
Gardy, I love how you stand up for your players.
When you get mad I swear you are going to turn into a huge bear and paw the umpire in the face.

We're 5.5 behind.This is the only time I'm liking texas

side note: I'm watching the best damn sports show period. And they will be having an interview with morneau(canadian baccccoonnn).
I'll ATTEMPT to "quote" some silly things:

"how would you do if you charged the mound?"
"id probably get a bruised lung or something"(oh..sarcasm..he needs to be hugged for that.)
"yeah im a hockey player i just play baseball in the off season"
He stated that mike redmond walks around the clubhouse naked, but we all knew that by now.
(see..I tried.)
All in all it was a loooong but fun Twins game.
until next time....

if you dont get it...

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Seriously. Tell me how DAMN hillarious I am.


no words. just...punching.

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A.J Pierzynski gets owned. HARD.

And so it begins....

This is my first twins blog.
lets begin:
twins 5 canadia 8 :

I have nothing mean to say. (well for now that is)SUPRISE.
Slowey did good..ok..could of been better.(I'm being nice.).
But he kinda gets too tired WAY too quick.
He's very good but he still needs to practice on his slider...drop the balls down more..c'mon kid.
Oh yeah..uh..Punto? (yes....I said PUNTO)
Did you see that god-like play he did?
Watch it and drool.
The look on his face after he did that is "I am all that is man. Chuck Norris couldn't even stop me with a roundhouse kick to the chest because I'm Nick effing Punto."

And I love how he kept on running towards fly balls, where Redmond or Slowey could catch it but he caught it.

Batgirl is right. (r.i.p amazing blog)
He is a super hero.We all need a lil punto in our life.

Tonight was such an abusive game.
Lets re cap this awesomeness:
-Torii slams into the wall.
-Castillo gets shanked(aka spiked) by the catcher.
-Punto goes all, crazy punto-like and slams into anything he can and says a quick hi to the duggout.
-Redmond gets all down and dirty twisting his knee.
-And even the UMPIRE gets owned by a ball.
-Rincon gets line drived by a ball....but hes rincon..and he can regenerate himself. ( small little 101 on rincon)

We should of won the game.
Maybe if Slowey (aka the muffin man..i dont know dont ask) could "break" a breaking ball we wouldnt of had those 34590480945 home runs he gave up.
Then we would of won. But I'm not hating on him. He's great and he's new so...I don't dislike him (yet)

(and now for a letter to Cirillo)

Dear Cirillo,
Catch the ball when it's thrown to you.Thanks much.

<3 Karlee.

Even though we lost. It was an amazing game to watch. Crazy shinanigans.

It would of been nice since Detroit lost tonight (W00t!) But it's okay. We're still the same games behind. Just think if they won. NOW then you should be mad. Right? Yeah..I'm ALWAYS right.


Side note on tomorrows game:BAAA(gobacktotheminorleague)KER pitches tomorrow.6.75 era.
*blank face*
Do I even need to say anything?

Hopefully Mr. Canadian Baccon (Morneau) comes back into the line up tomorrow. But for safe measures he should sit out until the next game.Bruised lung? That doesn't sound too comfortable.
Best wishes for him and until next time......


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