Friday, June 29, 2007

half and half, please.

Twins8 Canadia5 -
(we won two they won two. It's only b/c canadians are all about being equal.)

The game started off kinda..well..not good.
Silva was making karlee mad. But he forgot I was there so he started doing better (true story...)

Mr.499 got his 500th home run.
So I guess he's Mr.500 now.
But the home run didn't help.
Because we owned them. Hard.

Torii I knew you had it in you! 2hr's. Oh yes.

Jason Bartlett,
So you got another home run eh? Just to let you know you made me spill my beer a bit. On a small child. THANKS. But my drunken state I thought you look like a tiny Johnny Depp. I don't know why. I think it could of been those silly beer goggles I was wearing. But thanks for the home run, it made the rally fox go so wild his leg fell off (AGAIN: and ps..I'll post a pic of rally fox. He's a must for every game I go to.)


And a lil detroit mixed in.
That equals a possibly AWESOME game.

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