Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow snow go away....

come again some other day!

....well that isn't going to happen.

I'm off to the dome, everyone drive safe!

my aim away message:
Best time of the year (better if it wasn't snowing out)
Let's play ball!
Go Twins!
I might punch people in the mouth if they boo Torii, serious.
Nick Punto better pinch run for someone in the 8th.
I'm serious about that too.


I'm too excited, truly.
SO....all I could come up with is this picture.
Because it pretty much just shows you HOW excited I am.
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Friday, March 28, 2008

I guess in gardy's mind.....

If you are only down by one run, you put your son in to pinch run, who eventually gets picked off.
Oh yeah, he pinch "stood" for Lamb who was 3-3 today with the only run scored.

Then if you thought things wouldn't get even more awkward, he puts Punto out in center, AGAIN.

Liriano had a nice day today, going 5 innings only allowing 3 hits one run (hr) and 7 k's.
Let's hope this is a sign he'll go north with the boys of summer back to MN.

But let me get this off my chest.....why is mini gardy still in spring training?

Mr.Haas from Alright Hamilton! brought up to me "well, he is his son"
Yes he is.
But then I brought up this: "I don't care it's like putting my cat in to play guitar hero for me because she's my cat, but heres the thing. SHE'S A CAT! SHE CANNOT PLAY GUITAR. SHE DOES NOT HAVE FLANGES"

I think I made a good point.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ahhhh, procrastination!

here it is:
Baby Jesus= doing good
Gardy letting Nick Punto play DH = I knew he had a good reason, right? But none the less. Hilariously cute.
Gardy letting his son play= He will never have a good reason for that, and it WASNT HILARIOUS. NOR CUTE. I might as well let Stephen Hawking be my fantasy draft pick for center fielder.

This isn't baseball related, but it's worth watching it:

a--bwa, bwa ahh...

More stuff happened but Karlee has been a busy bee this week.
SORRY Ya'll.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

OMG, what kind of cheese does Joe Mauer like!?

One more reason to absolutely love and adore the twins, even more than ever:

Pat Neshek's new commercial

Nick Punto.
You disappoint.
I TOLD YOU to be better like, right away. Like, next time up if you suck more, we are so over. *flips hair*

Liriano, bad news bears man.
Baby Jesus, you got your first home run!
Delmon Young, keep being Delmon Young. Thank you.
Carlos Gomez, everyone born on dec 4th, 1985 is cocky aren't they? And cute.
(side note: I was born Dec 4th 1985, I'm a youngster Bert!)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Now here's a trend I can get used to.

We beat the bo sox.
Then the Reds.
Then the Yankees.
Then the Orioles.
(and we probably would of won against the devil rays since we were ahead and if we did one more inning THEN it rained, we would of won. Damn rain)
And today?
We had split teams and *gasp* We won against the Jays and the Bo Sox.

Is this the MN Twins I'm watching?
Am I obnoxiously happy for opening day? Yes?

Morneau finally went deep against the bo sox and his lil ol buddy Monroe did a home run RIGHT after him, I wish it was on ESPN because those stupid announcers would of gotten hard core tongue tied. Because the Yankees game it seemed quite hard for them to decipher between morneau,mauer, and morales.
Mike lamb went 2-3 with a run scored, he's funny,awkward and can also hit!

Twins 4 Jays 0
Bo Sox 2 Twins7

Oh and one more thing:
Twins 5-3; Red Sox 3-6.
That's the grapefruit league standings.
Oh and an fyi, thats against the 2007 world series champions, just to let you know. I don't know if you know. So if you didn't there...I threw it out there with a vengeance.
Tomorrow The Twins will play the Pirates in Bradenton,Florida at 1:05, with Scott Baker starting.

My feelings for the past week: YAHTZEE!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jeter, stop looking in the camera when you talk

It's like your speaking to ME and it creeps me out.

It's been quite some time since I've written when the game is going on, I'm actually quite excited. I am soooo going to be rusty, and probably not that hillarious so bare with me.
But this whole "lets talk to Jeter for 15 minutes" is not making me a happy girl.
gomez harris mauer morneau young buscher knott jones tolbert....thats a very awkward looking line up.

-Hi Carlos Gomez, you have the same birthday as me AND born the same year. So you kinda have to be good if your born on that day. Sorry. Bunt. Out. Your fast but not FAST enough. strike one,Carlos.
-Hmmmm Brendan Harris...yeah they are going to lose defensively if he's 2nd base. Someone realizes this. And its a guy on espn. I feel as if I'm working for the man. OH, he got a single.
-Mauerrrrrr, wow he does NOT stop growing.Mauer HIT INTO A DOUBLE PLAY? NO WAY. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Oh, wait. Thats sarcasm. He ALWAYS does. He hits into double plays as much as Punto tries to lay down a simple bunt.

-Slowey, oh Slowey. Sweet Slowey. Make Karlee happy.
-one out
-Oh you aren't happy with your bat Jeter? Wow, your such a diva.
-Wow, guess the bat worked, spanked it to middle center.
-if nick punto would of been at 2nd he could of hit the double play? REALLY espn guy? I LIKE YOU.
-Slowey good boy, making A-rod swing and miss <3 Please strike him out. 2-2. Or walk him. It was a tough at bat, so ya know. That's okay?
-Giambi got caught looking, thats what I like.

-Morneau.I miss your boom stick. I don't miss pop flys. And the espn guy just called him Mauer. LOL, cute.
-Delmon Young, sup guy? YEAH HOME RUN, TORII WHO? WHAT? WHAT?
-Busch Light, back to back homers? No? Maybe? Wow Giambi, you can jump? CRAZY.
-two out
-Knott out

-Posada looks like a mouse.
-YOUNG don't scare me like that! But you caught it. But don't do that again.
-GOMEZ, oh gomez.
-one out some yank on second.
-it's tied now, GOMEZ YOU MESSED up TWICE, but I guess if Slowey were throwing strikes we wouldnt be worried about guys hitting into center.
-There ya go, second strike out.
-NICK would of caught that Harris. See people, we NEED Punto. Yeah he can't hit but we'd still be tied. Not behind by one. Yeah I'm going there, it's pre season I don't care. I love starting fights.
-Get Jeter out, NOW Slowey stop with these shenanigans, OR walk him.
-Rick anderson knock some sense into Slowey, see if Punto was playing he'd walk out, say something along the lines of "I rode paul Molitors daughters training bike, think of that" then skip off eating swedish fish.
-Gomez, throw to the cut off guy or even the catcher, not the backstop. Gomez thats strike three for you, YOU are fired!
-I like it when A-rod swings and misses, makes me a happy girl. SWUNG AND MISS,nice strike three sit down bitch.

-Uh. Don't show Santana in a twins uniform again, thanks. I'm aware he's gone.
-"hey guys this is turning into a roast" awww gardy, your so witty.
-Gomez, maybe hit the ball, and make up for your mistakes. Or get out again. Thats fine.
-wow, we're out already?

-I'm feeling very rusty today. I'm not as witty as Gardy. Most of the time I'm not because he's just a hoot.
-Julio De Paula is pitching now. I don't know how that makes me feel.
-BALK? RLY? Mauer get out there and say something smart.
-One down, know the rest.
-Gomez did another crazy throw, but we got another out. two out.
-strike out,looking.

-JOBA the hut is pitching.
-Harris, lets see what you can do. Other than not catch balls that Nick Punto could have caught.
-dribbler to 2nd. 1 Out.
-Mauer. chopper to first. 2nd out.
-Morneau. Walked.
-Delmon, want to hit another home run?
-Sighs, 3rd out.

-randy keasler eh? *sits and watches*
-One out, nice Keasy. I bet gardy calls you that.
-haha, Damon at the plate and Mauer catching? I'm having pepsi commerical flash backs.
-ground ball to 2nd, two down.
-HARRIS. Okay he should not be 2nd basemen. Please if you want to tell me that I'm crazy to think Nick Punto would be better, go on and tell me.
-Gomez actually caught the ball, 3 out.

-C'mon BUSCH LIGHT lets fire it up! Oh you fired it up alright with that fancy single.
-Knott you better not strike out, ha. Get it. Yeah.
-WOW, he loves fouling off balls a lot.Awww Knott got caught looking, sad.
-Giambi looks like jabba the hut. Scary.
-Garret Jones two run HOME RUN! You hit that HARD. he hit that thing out of the park.
-Tolbert got hit on the ankle :( Poor thing that hit him straight in the kisser, if your kisser was your ankle.

-Gomez caught another ball, *golf clap* good boy. One out.
-Casilla, you are quite good at short stop. Dang, you surprised me there. You should be at short stop not second. Two out.
-Keasler your good, you keep the ball down. I enjoy it.

-c'mon Mauer Pauer. Hit to the left center field for a two bagger. THANK YOU.
-Morneau, how about you show people how well you can hit, stop teasing us.
-Morales came in as a pinch runner, then failed, so did morneau. two out.
-Delmon young with a single. He makes me very happy.
-Oh, stranded a guy on base? Wow, shocking.

-Awww,Hi Justin Morneau. Let's have a chat.
-Justin addmits he didnt do good today, how down to earth and canadian of you, Morney.
-Im going to say it one more time. If Punto was out there. we'd have two double plays by now. But wow, look. We have 0.
-WOAH, thats reyes? He doesn't look like a floater anymore. Yikes, I'm harsh.
-Oh yeah, Casilla thanks for making a double play.

-the ball game is tied, sorry it's hard to type when I'm a giggly baseball-y mess.
-you got the hang of this, one two three. next inning.

-DEATH METAL IS PITCHING. I missed his crazyness, nice simple one two three inning.Tasty.

-morales takes a walk.
-okay is it "lets hit twins ball players" day?
-bases loaded, one out. ahhh, very excite!
-fair ball down the line two rbi double!
-All these new guys are making the game today, and the regulars haven't done anything. It's kind of weird...and I feel like I'm cheating on the regulars with the new guys.
-7-4 now. This makes me feel good about our team. I was so worried about all the new guys and how everyone says we are rebuilding. I think we already re built.

-I officially dont know who anyone is on the field. Haha. Well I do but you get what I mean.
-Nice one two three inning. yahtzee.

-Sorry, I had to go to the bathroom. Bet you wanted to know that.
-Morales on first, two out and someone I have no clue hitting. I'm such a good blogger. Really.
-Ahhh,the guy i have no clue hitting struck out.

-Sosa is pitching. Not Sammy silly goose.
-Gomez snatching a fly ball, one out.
-Girls who like the yankees shouldnt drink in the afternoon. Because Karlee doesn't like hearing you drunkenly slur/yell "LETHH GO YANKEEZ" your going to lose, have that bitter taste in your mouth, thats the taste of LOSS.
-I spoke too soon, yankee home run. Now drunken guys and girls are chanting lets go yankees.
-Base hit? Tying run to the plate? HEY GARDY, new pitcher! Skipper Karlee, that has a nice ring to it.
-3-2 two out...*drum roll* STRIKE three called!

That means we won ya'll!

Verdict: New guys +1
Regulars -1
that means it all equals to 0.
We're even. just like our wins a loses. 3-3.

Side notes: Harris I don't know about you. Your like Punto but a bit better hitting, but way worse with defense. Id rather have defence we already have guys who produce big hits.
(IE: morneau, mauer,cuddyer,young..well they SHOULD atleast)

All in all seeing all these "youngsters" against the big bad yankees. And us kicking some booty during the end there really gives me hope.

PS: ESPN needs to stop humping the yankees. They did not pay attention to the game. They called morneau mauer and called morales mauer. Thats a tounge twister right there. Jeez.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Martin Skoula

Your the Nick Punto of the MN Wild.
But, you suck as defense.
You won the last game for us so I GUESS I won't yell mean things at you at the next game I go.

I came home and took this picture of my cat.
Right after I was done eating my nummy wild sundae I automatically thought.. "CAT.HAT.IN.A.HAT.SALLY.WILD HAT"
I don't believe in proper structured sentences.
Side note: the black hawks and wild game is 1-1 and its the first only 2 minutes into the game.

Oh whoops, this is a twins blog isnt it?

Monday, March 3, 2008

A little bit of R&B. (Twins 8 Reds 6)'s sunny outside. Perfect. Loud crack of boom sticks.
March 31st can't come soon enough.

The R&B boys showed us a thing or two about how it feels to tie in the 9th then win by a home run in the 10th.

I miss that feeling.

Bottom of the 9th. Nobody out Ruiz smacks a big one over the wall, with one on base tying the game.
Bottom of the 10th, 1 on 2 out. Basak pulls out his boom stick and huzzah, the winning home run.

This is why I love baseball. And the twins. Remember how amazing their comebacks were?

I'm also excited for Liriano, the franchise is throwing pretty well.
This season will be fantastical.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

this is MY HOUSE.

As we speak the twins are ahead by 5 with the score 5-2.
I'm so used to him getting picked off of first base!...not not getting doubles..or stealing 3rd!?
Okay, I'm fine with that.

Morneau was taken out after going 3-0. Ouch.

Punto got a single then stole 2nd.

Jon Knott got a home run against Buchholz

More to come if any other shenanigans happen.

UPDATE: we won 8-2.
First win, and a very good one at that.
A lot of stolen bases, I love games with lots of stolen bases.
These group of guys are looking better each day for me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Red sox 7 Twins 6

Well, I think it's time for me to start being a little more rough and say...
When you have a comfortable LEAD, keep it that way.

Some of you are thinking "well, no duh Karlee"
Obviously they don't know the meaning. I'm telling them.

Mauer and Young had a good day at the plate.
Mauer had two walks and a single.
But we all know if there was someone on 2nd and two out he would of hit into a double play.
Because thats what Joe Joe Bee does.

And now onto something very awesome-like.

Howard Sinker of the Star Trib gave me a lil shout out
I feel warm and fuzzy, truly.
He said "Further, the blogger Karlee at omg mn twins is so enthused by Boof Bonser’s weight loss that she has offered up the name “Oof Onser” in tribute to how much of Boof is no longer there. After referring to him as the Boofeteria last season, Section 220 will refer to his slimmed-down self as Oof."

And I wittingly replied with: "Howard thanks for that lovely shout out.
And yes, it’s fine you can use Oof. It just fits. plus the whole minnesotan accent whenever he does something good (like ya know, strike someone out)
You can say “OOFTAH!”

Oh, I’m such a card."

My mind did that thing where you think of an idea and you feel as if your grew a few extra brain cells. (it took me a good 4 minutes to figure out what they were called, though. So I lost a few)

Every time he throws a "K" I will yell "OOFTAH!"
And I suggest everyone else does this.
We will make this a "(B)oof-a-loution"
I've enjoyed his (B)oofness for a while.
I remember last year my father yelling that he sucks and he won't be a starter this year.
(ouch, I know right? I would NEVER say that....ha)
I also would like to say, I enjoying proving people wrong, I mean who doesn't?

So this year will be an (B)oof-a-loution my friends.
Embrace it.
Love it.
*blares eye of the tiger*

(coming soon: An awesome witty picture that will make you say "oooooooh....Karlee!")

Twins 3 Boston 8

Boof did an amazing job.
I'm very excited for this season.

Sorry, I'm too excited.
Ahhh, that busch light kid cracked a homer, good for him.

from the tribe:
"2B Nick Punto made a terrific play in the first inning, racing behind the pitcher’s mound to field a high chopper from Dustin Pedroia and then throwing across his body to get the out at first base. Punto also had a good first at-bat against Hideki Okajima, fouling off several two-strike pitches before flying out to the left-field warning track."

March 31st. Come now.

oh yeah I wanted to break this out for ev' I have a reason to:

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