Friday, March 28, 2008

I guess in gardy's mind.....

If you are only down by one run, you put your son in to pinch run, who eventually gets picked off.
Oh yeah, he pinch "stood" for Lamb who was 3-3 today with the only run scored.

Then if you thought things wouldn't get even more awkward, he puts Punto out in center, AGAIN.

Liriano had a nice day today, going 5 innings only allowing 3 hits one run (hr) and 7 k's.
Let's hope this is a sign he'll go north with the boys of summer back to MN.

But let me get this off my chest.....why is mini gardy still in spring training?

Mr.Haas from Alright Hamilton! brought up to me "well, he is his son"
Yes he is.
But then I brought up this: "I don't care it's like putting my cat in to play guitar hero for me because she's my cat, but heres the thing. SHE'S A CAT! SHE CANNOT PLAY GUITAR. SHE DOES NOT HAVE FLANGES"

I think I made a good point.


RK said...

Some cats can play video games:

I don't know if that will work. It should be an awesome video of a dog and cat playing wii tennis. I'm a very serious adult.

Karleeee said...

that is amazing.
I missed you.
AND, yes you are a serious adult.
seriously, AWESOME.
*is stupid*

Okay so cats can play wii.
And lil gardy stil gets picked off of first.

That just shows HOW horrible he is, ouch.

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