Saturday, March 1, 2008

Red sox 7 Twins 6

Well, I think it's time for me to start being a little more rough and say...
When you have a comfortable LEAD, keep it that way.

Some of you are thinking "well, no duh Karlee"
Obviously they don't know the meaning. I'm telling them.

Mauer and Young had a good day at the plate.
Mauer had two walks and a single.
But we all know if there was someone on 2nd and two out he would of hit into a double play.
Because thats what Joe Joe Bee does.

And now onto something very awesome-like.

Howard Sinker of the Star Trib gave me a lil shout out
I feel warm and fuzzy, truly.
He said "Further, the blogger Karlee at omg mn twins is so enthused by Boof Bonser’s weight loss that she has offered up the name “Oof Onser” in tribute to how much of Boof is no longer there. After referring to him as the Boofeteria last season, Section 220 will refer to his slimmed-down self as Oof."

And I wittingly replied with: "Howard thanks for that lovely shout out.
And yes, it’s fine you can use Oof. It just fits. plus the whole minnesotan accent whenever he does something good (like ya know, strike someone out)
You can say “OOFTAH!”

Oh, I’m such a card."

My mind did that thing where you think of an idea and you feel as if your grew a few extra brain cells. (it took me a good 4 minutes to figure out what they were called, though. So I lost a few)

Every time he throws a "K" I will yell "OOFTAH!"
And I suggest everyone else does this.
We will make this a "(B)oof-a-loution"
I've enjoyed his (B)oofness for a while.
I remember last year my father yelling that he sucks and he won't be a starter this year.
(ouch, I know right? I would NEVER say that....ha)
I also would like to say, I enjoying proving people wrong, I mean who doesn't?

So this year will be an (B)oof-a-loution my friends.
Embrace it.
Love it.
*blares eye of the tiger*

(coming soon: An awesome witty picture that will make you say "oooooooh....Karlee!")

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