Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100th post.

And of course, who is it about?

I guess we are trading him to the mets for 4 "young prospects"
These are my thoughts: what the...FUCK!

Thats about it.

On the upside Led Zeppelin is going on tour.

I guess we don't need a dh.
Kubel and Monroe.

I'm sure going to miss watching hockey, because ya know...they like to win.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh, Billy Smith.

We all kinda know Santana will be traded, thats a give in.
I'm done attempting to think we'll sign him.
I give up.

So how about you (YES you Mr.Smith) be a sweetheart and sign Morneau AND Cuddyer to a long term deal?
Hmmm sound good? huh? yeah?

"No matter what happens, I'm going to be in a Twins uniform for the next three years unless I get traded," Morneau wrote. "But some moves they make or do not make may have some influence on a long-term deal into my first years of free agency."

Is it me or what he said is giving you all sorts of kind of deja vu?
Ala Hunter, Santana, and Nathan?
The whole "moves they make or do not make may have influence on what I do" kinda thing?
Can't someone take a damn hint?
Guess not.
By the time the new stadium opens all we'll have left is Mauer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh...Roger Clemens.

OBVIOUSLY isn't real, but...it will make you laugh and add 2 years to your life. (really.)

Oh yeah...Roger.
You are very whiny.

Oh and

Swisher to the Sox?
Hell yeah, another reason to hate the bitch sox.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And here are your 2008 twins!

Season in Preview
A lot can change by Opening Day, but as 2007 becomes 2008, this is who is projected to take the field for the Twins:
CF Jason Pridie
2B Brendan Harris
C Joe Mauer
RF Michael Cuddyer
1B Justin Morneau
LF Delmon Young
DH Jason Kubel/Craig Monroe
3B Mike Lamb
SS Adam Everett
SP Johan Santana
SP Scott Baker
SP Boof Bonser
SP Kevin Slowey
SP Glen Perkins
CL Joe Nathan

*golf clap*
.....I miss Lew.

And this my friends is why I didn't pay for season tickets.
Yes I will be going, but it isn't worth the 1,000 + dollars I'd spend.
Consider me a home run porch/cheap seats dweller.

Random: I am going to be yelling out "this is Sparta" at games.
Because the men who were 300 strong and the men of the 40 man roster for 08 have alot in common:

1.They have spirit.
2.They stand for what they believe in, like teaching grown men how to lay down a routine bunt.
Or lay down a good ol' fashioned ass kicking. Same thing right? No?
3.They fight no matter what, and will probably lose.
4.They look good in loin cloths.
5.Xerxes is kinda like Pohlad. Just kinda though, minus a few piercings.
6.They both look fashionable in their outfits.
7.They sure as HELL know how to hustle.
8.They use their sticks well.
9.When elephants fall from cliffs, they land hard....okay I got nothing. That part is rad.
10.There is no crying in baseball. And there shouldn't be no crying during battles, but I guess if your sons head gets chopped off I guess I'll let it slide, just this one time.

Spring training needs to start asap.

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