Tuesday, October 30, 2007

aren't you just the sweetest guy in the world.

"Teams have an exclusive 15-day negotiating period with pending free agents before the market officially opens Nov. 13, but Hunter said, "I don't think there's going to be any negotiations."

Asked which side had halted the talks, Hunter said, "I think it was more me telling them."

Thanks for breaking everyones heart with those snotty remarks.
You are old.
You aren't new anymore.
You will not get the money you want.
You and A-rod should go to "I'm in denial because I think I'm better than I actually am SO I deserve 100 million a week" meetings.

OH Yeah Hunter.
MY ASS it isn't about the money.
It is.

"He did not rule out a return to the Twins.

"They might want to see what other teams offer and then get back to me," he said."

YOU are SO confusing.
But I still kind of like you.
I don't know why.
Ohhh..sweet cheeks.

Monday, October 29, 2007



Like we didn't see this coming.
Torii Hunter and Carlos Silva filed for free agency today (monday)
We have 15 days to negotiate.

Lets see.

I'm speaking of the Twins organization here.
So that means Torii Hunter and Carlos Silva won't be playing for us next year.

Other players filing for free agency include:

Alex Rodriguez, Luis Castillo, Shannon Stewart, Doug Mientkiewicz, Corey Koskie, Sean Casey and Kerry Wood.

Wouldn't you LOL your ass off if we tried to get Castillo back. I sure as hell would. It wouldn't happen but, ya know. Oh. Dougy. Come back plz. And Koskie. YOU TOO. oh oh ohohoh shannon stewart I miss you also.

All I have to say is.
We are screwed.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'll take CURT SCHILLING for 500, Alex.

WHY are you on Jeopardy!?
GET OFF MY TV. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
YOU are not apart of the clue crew. OUT! NOW!

Matt Holliday,

Oh I just wanted to remind you that your in the world series.


Oh side note: I think Alex Trebek is an annoying ass.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tweak! <3

We're picking up his 6 mil option for the 08 season.
*rubs hands together*

Joe Nathan says:
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty= The Rockies. B/c OMGZ Kaz is such a stud LOL. :|
Beast= The Red Sox. Need I say more?


Image and video hosting by TinyPic got their Image and video hosting by TinyPic handed to them on a Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(yes the paper kind)
And Karlee kinda Image and video hosting by TinyPic
until she thought that
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kinda looked like chris kirkpatrick from nsync. And is probably part cyborg alien. Or something not from earth. He's a creep. A big creepy creep.

Oh yeah.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jeff Cirillo

Nice bloop single there last night against the Rockies.
Too bad nobody brought you home.
Did you start getting deja vu?
Thinking you were playing for the twins again?
I kinda did..I started to scream:
"goddamnit Nick Punto bring him home..or are you going to hit a lazy fly ball to left field! HUH!"

Then I realized I was watching the Rockies/d-backs game.
(sarcasm? If ANY have not caught on to my dry humor.)

But I was still waiting for Joe Mauer to walk up to plate to inevitably hit into a double play.
I was anticipating the lovely running skills of Micheal Cuddyer.
Stop leaning so clucking far off first base.
You get picked off as easy as I am to get in bed with.
I was yearning for the horrible mistakes Jason Bartlett tends to run into.
BEGGING to see Nick Punto be horrible at bat. Yet amazing on the field. And realizing how much of a bad-ass he was in 06. Remember that? I sure as hell do.
But you don't. Because he was sucking more than debbie in 07.
Debbie..she did Dallas. Literally. You don't get it? Good.You aren't a creep like me.
(gotta love that there sarcasm.)

Minnesota Twins,

I already miss you. So this off-season I will probably be picking you apart to the point I'll sound like I hate all of you. But really. I'm just trying to pass time until next season. Then I'll have more reasons to laugh,cry,smile,drink,harpoon.

el-o el-o el-o el-o VEE EEE,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh, Lew Ford.

So you don't want to play in the minor leagues for us?
So your a free agent now eh?
I wonder which team would pick you up.

Just out of being random I'll go with the Montreal expos.
Wait. They aren't a team anymore?
Well Lew Ford you are here-by(circled)screwed.
It's okay Halo 3 came out, you'll be so pre occupied with that to even care whats going on with your free agency.

But you don't have to worry, you'll be picked up...right?
Who would turn down a level 15 dwarf wizard with x2 charm spells?

On a good note the Pear King Jason Bartlett B-rock funk master fresh won't be needing surgery for his shoulder. Baby gotta rest. So now you can say its your shoulders fault you got 26 errors this year. (highest in mlb for ss)

Oh yeah. Lecroy also elected free agency.
But really now. That's fine. Truly fine.
He wants to play "one more year"
Then become a coach.
Well, I'll be doing a co ed softball team next year Lecroy if u are interested.
Don't pass this chance up, might be the best offer you'll get.

I am quite the bitch today, if you haven't noticed.

Ahhhh..in mind boggling news in karlee land:
Watching the Indians/Yankees series made me feel a bit bi polar.
I hate both teams. And I had to pick which one to win?
I picked the Indians ONLY because they are from the central.
I caught myself saying "HELL YEAH SIZEMORE" then I thought I should start drinking again, since being sober is obviously making me think crazy thoughts.
And say things I'd never say. EVER. Grady Sizemore...REALLY Karlee?
I so went there. I went there, then I died a little inside...moving on.....

I never enjoyed the yankees. I think it's because I REALLY hate Jeter.
But who doesn't?
Oh yeah I don't like Johnny Damon either. Or whore-gay Posada.

And finally.
The first time you turn the heat on in your house.
It doesn't smell good...it smells like burning old-ness.

Oh yeah.

ONE more thing.

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