Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh, Lew Ford.

So you don't want to play in the minor leagues for us?
So your a free agent now eh?
I wonder which team would pick you up.

Just out of being random I'll go with the Montreal expos.
Wait. They aren't a team anymore?
Well Lew Ford you are here-by(circled)screwed.
It's okay Halo 3 came out, you'll be so pre occupied with that to even care whats going on with your free agency.

But you don't have to worry, you'll be picked up...right?
Who would turn down a level 15 dwarf wizard with x2 charm spells?

On a good note the Pear King Jason Bartlett B-rock funk master fresh won't be needing surgery for his shoulder. Baby gotta rest. So now you can say its your shoulders fault you got 26 errors this year. (highest in mlb for ss)

Oh yeah. Lecroy also elected free agency.
But really now. That's fine. Truly fine.
He wants to play "one more year"
Then become a coach.
Well, I'll be doing a co ed softball team next year Lecroy if u are interested.
Don't pass this chance up, might be the best offer you'll get.

I am quite the bitch today, if you haven't noticed. mind boggling news in karlee land:
Watching the Indians/Yankees series made me feel a bit bi polar.
I hate both teams. And I had to pick which one to win?
I picked the Indians ONLY because they are from the central.
I caught myself saying "HELL YEAH SIZEMORE" then I thought I should start drinking again, since being sober is obviously making me think crazy thoughts.
And say things I'd never say. EVER. Grady Sizemore...REALLY Karlee?
I so went there. I went there, then I died a little inside...moving on.....

I never enjoyed the yankees. I think it's because I REALLY hate Jeter.
But who doesn't?
Oh yeah I don't like Johnny Damon either. Or whore-gay Posada.

And finally.
The first time you turn the heat on in your house.
It doesn't smell smells like burning old-ness.

Oh yeah.

ONE more thing.

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sarah* said...

Wow, I think we have the same mind! Lots of the your opinions are the same as mine! You have the same humor as my friend and i, we are just stupid!

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