Monday, October 15, 2007

Jeff Cirillo

Nice bloop single there last night against the Rockies.
Too bad nobody brought you home.
Did you start getting deja vu?
Thinking you were playing for the twins again?
I kinda did..I started to scream:
"goddamnit Nick Punto bring him home..or are you going to hit a lazy fly ball to left field! HUH!"

Then I realized I was watching the Rockies/d-backs game.
(sarcasm? If ANY have not caught on to my dry humor.)

But I was still waiting for Joe Mauer to walk up to plate to inevitably hit into a double play.
I was anticipating the lovely running skills of Micheal Cuddyer.
Stop leaning so clucking far off first base.
You get picked off as easy as I am to get in bed with.
I was yearning for the horrible mistakes Jason Bartlett tends to run into.
BEGGING to see Nick Punto be horrible at bat. Yet amazing on the field. And realizing how much of a bad-ass he was in 06. Remember that? I sure as hell do.
But you don't. Because he was sucking more than debbie in 07.
Debbie..she did Dallas. Literally. You don't get it? Good.You aren't a creep like me.
(gotta love that there sarcasm.)

Minnesota Twins,

I already miss you. So this off-season I will probably be picking you apart to the point I'll sound like I hate all of you. But really. I'm just trying to pass time until next season. Then I'll have more reasons to laugh,cry,smile,drink,harpoon.

el-o el-o el-o el-o VEE EEE,

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