Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A True Yankee

My great uncle Johnny Blanchard died of a heart attack this morning. He was a two time world series champ with the 61' and 62' New York Yankees and won 5 pennants with them. Every time I saw him he always had some sort of yankees logo on him, he was a true Yankee till the end. And even during some sad times in our family he always seemed to put a smile on my face, may you rest in peace.

I wrote about him in this blog two years ago:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Blylevenland

Spring Training re-cap so far:

We signed Joe Crede, didn't you hear? I'm going to go and say that it was a great idea. We aren't wasting money if his back flairs up again, but it seems like the back pain is contagious, since Joe Mauer has been having issues. Thankfully it's only a inflammation, give him some pills and he'll be ready to go.

But here is the debate; should Joe Mauer not play catcher? It seems the issues he's had could possibly stem from being a catcher. He's a young guy and he's already falling apart? Yes I bet he could make an amazing third basemen but then people go in and say third basemen has to be a power hitter, and Mauer isn't the type. I really think we'd be fine if he kept up with how he's been hitting. Last time I checked he has some hardware to show you that he's a good hitter.

Now onto more less argumentative things.
Bert Blyleven looks pretty fantastic in a baseball uniform still. I already prepared myself for this season. You know he'll bring this baseball classic up anytime he can, something along the lines of “blah blah blah youngsters blah blah blah scrappy blah blah blah I wish I had my telestrator so I could circle them blah blah blah I kind of missed Sidney Ponson, he's a GAMER.”

Now it's time for things Karlee wish would happen but never would:
If Mauer moves to third, which wouldn't happen since we have Crede. We could sign Ivan Rodriguez. Pudge Pudge Pudgey Pudge. Then some-how we'd get David Wright to sign for a one year deal just to stand there and look super brooding and tall, dark and handsome. Strictly for visual stimulation only. He would even make Valdimir Guerrero blush. Or he could be that a-hole in the home run porch who starts the wave going the WRONG WAY. I HATE IT when that happens.

side note: Last update I said we needed to drop Bonser. Well jeez, he dropped himself. Maybe he stopped eating meat like Neshek and got wii elbow/shoulder.

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