Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Craig Monroe

I bet you are just as confused as I am.
Do you even have a position to play?

Knowing the twins you'll end up at 3rd.

Is it just me or does anyone else RLY want Jacoby Ellsbury.

Can't we get Adrian Peterson to play CF?

(id love if someone put a twins hat on his head and see how AWESOME IT WOULD LOOK..photoshop your tails off kids!)

Now for something completely different:

The highly anticipated (by some) Mitchell Report is scheduled to be released this Thursday.
Heres the run down if you have NO clue what I'm talking about.....
He has a list of guys who hit the juice.
The "this stuff makes me angry quick" stuff..
Ya know...ROIDS.
And no not the kind Joe Mauer has.
I'm talking bout HGH...the human growth hormone.

It has up to 80 players names past and present.
Do you think if they publicly release this list, it can ruin the whole aspect and the love of the game that is baseball?
I know a lot of people want to know, but at the same time if you saw a "cal ripken jr" on there or a "ken griffey jr" I'd get quite sad.

News Break: Snoop Dogg plays a keytar in his new music video. AWE-SOME-NESS.

coming up at 10:00: Papelbon: hip white boy, a-d-d ridden oversized 4th grader,Ortiz's conscience or lord of the dance?

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

skol vikings

You guys won 4 in a row.
Breaking records left and right like its no biggie.
Adrian Peterson being Adrian Peterson.
A MN team doing good, but we all know when it gets super serious you'll choke.
Thats the MN sports way of life, haha.

And Bob Costas. Please don't be the broadcaster for the olympics on 08 again....
I don't like you. At all.

Tiki Barber.

Monday, December 3, 2007

steinbrenner: kinda sucks at pog

I sit here shaking in my boots.(I would if I had any on, that is) eating a piece of birthday pumpkin pie...yes yes I know my b day is tomorrow *COUGH* listening to the beatles non-stop awaiting the news if Billy Smith decided to take the Yankees deal. this pie is good.
Oh can I just say how immature this whole trading "business" thing is?
It just reminds me of when I used to play pogs......

Steinbrenner: "I'll give you my penguin and transformers pogs for your Venezuelan flag SLAMMER!"

Smith:"oh no..I like my slammer. I know I should keep it but maybe if you toss in the free willy pog..."

Steinbrenner:"OH that is shenanigans! I JUST GOT IT and its working out well for me, thank you."
Smith:"well the only slammer you had retired because it was all cracked and the fun metallic design was rubbed should of thrown it away and not play it until it decided to leave on its own" (hint: I wonder which Yankee I'm talking about here..if you cant follow along, I'm sorry it just won't be funny)

*red headed step child walks up holding pog cases FULL of slammers and pogs, every child in the 90s would be jealous. If they cared*HEY YOU GUYS WANNA GIVE ME THINGS!?!?! I Know I already have everything and I truly don't need your help..but you billy smith..YOU have a slammer I WANT..give me your Venezuelan flag slammer! I'll give you some new pogs I got which might help you, but who knows..."

Steinbrenner: UGH...BE QUIET I DON'T LIKE YOU..*huffs* well my deal is better if you dont decide by lunch period WE ARE SO OVER. *stomps off*

To be continued......
Will Little Stieny get what he wants?
Or will the Red Headed step child step in and punch Steiny in the grill?
Or will Little Billy Smith pack up his pogs realizing he has the ultimate pogslammer.

up next:
Wheres waldo-santana?
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Looks like joe joe knows.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anger has gotten the best of me

Bill Smith,

At first I thought you were insane. Some of my posts weren't thought through first. I was full of angst.I still think your a little off your rocker though...sorry.
We all were shocked since we have been so used to Terry Ryan. Aka Mr.We-dont-need-to-trade-because-our-farm-system-is-awesome.

I like your sass.
You make the off season interesting again.
But please, don't go overboard.

Don't go all "mn timberwolves" on us please.

Thanks much,

Boyz II Men makes Karlee sad

In the words of one of the best "boy bands" of the 90's.
"it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdayyy-eeee"

Jason Alan Bartlett,

I know I called you Butterfinger Bartlett, but that doesn't mean I didn't like you.
I know you'll have a good time at Tropicana Field. Wanna know why I know? Remember this commercial?

Yes..I know you do. WELL since you love swimming with underwater creatures. Tropicana Field SURE has a surprise for you Barty!

(Nick Punto not included, sold separately)

YES, Tropicana Field has Stingray tank where you can *gasp* touch them.
And it's right behind the right center field wall.
And if you hit a homerun into the tank you get to donate money to your favorite charity!

I would love to see some crazy fan try to jump into the tank to get the home run ball. Is that bad? Barty you better not do that. Please don't pull a Irwin, got it?
Play nice.

I'll miss you dearly, take care of lil' Garza for us. And I know I know..we all wanted Rincon to join you too.



PS: For momma call it the Thunderdome, and not Tropicana Field.
It just sounds WAY more bad-ass. Say it outloud. Yeah. Awesome.

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