Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Craig Monroe

I bet you are just as confused as I am.
Do you even have a position to play?

Knowing the twins you'll end up at 3rd.

Is it just me or does anyone else RLY want Jacoby Ellsbury.

Can't we get Adrian Peterson to play CF?

(id love if someone put a twins hat on his head and see how AWESOME IT WOULD LOOK..photoshop your tails off kids!)

Now for something completely different:

The highly anticipated (by some) Mitchell Report is scheduled to be released this Thursday.
Heres the run down if you have NO clue what I'm talking about.....
He has a list of guys who hit the juice.
The "this stuff makes me angry quick" stuff..
Ya know...ROIDS.
And no not the kind Joe Mauer has.
I'm talking bout HGH...the human growth hormone.

It has up to 80 players names past and present.
Do you think if they publicly release this list, it can ruin the whole aspect and the love of the game that is baseball?
I know a lot of people want to know, but at the same time if you saw a "cal ripken jr" on there or a "ken griffey jr" I'd get quite sad.

News Break: Snoop Dogg plays a keytar in his new music video. AWE-SOME-NESS.

coming up at 10:00: Papelbon: hip white boy, a-d-d ridden oversized 4th grader,Ortiz's conscience or lord of the dance?

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sarah* said...

We all know that Tyner is gunna be the new all star Center Fielder...or possibly Casilla

haasertime said...

my brain hurts from watching that papelbon clip too many times. he's such a princess. and i mean that in the worst possible way.

aand the keytar is no longer my kind of cool. sad day.

Karleeee said...

I play keytar, does that make me not cool now *gasps* DAMNIT.

Yeah I can so see Casilla stealing home runs :| (not)

sarah* said...

Casilla would just let the homer go over the fence. He would be like: know what, you've been nice, go ahead on over! Then he'd check his phone to see if his alarm was set...*slap*CASILLA*slap*

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