Saturday, December 1, 2007

Boyz II Men makes Karlee sad

In the words of one of the best "boy bands" of the 90's.
"it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdayyy-eeee"

Jason Alan Bartlett,

I know I called you Butterfinger Bartlett, but that doesn't mean I didn't like you.
I know you'll have a good time at Tropicana Field. Wanna know why I know? Remember this commercial?

Yes..I know you do. WELL since you love swimming with underwater creatures. Tropicana Field SURE has a surprise for you Barty!

(Nick Punto not included, sold separately)

YES, Tropicana Field has Stingray tank where you can *gasp* touch them.
And it's right behind the right center field wall.
And if you hit a homerun into the tank you get to donate money to your favorite charity!

I would love to see some crazy fan try to jump into the tank to get the home run ball. Is that bad? Barty you better not do that. Please don't pull a Irwin, got it?
Play nice.

I'll miss you dearly, take care of lil' Garza for us. And I know I know..we all wanted Rincon to join you too.



PS: For momma call it the Thunderdome, and not Tropicana Field.
It just sounds WAY more bad-ass. Say it outloud. Yeah. Awesome.

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Kayla Ramey said...

well at least this made me laugh. but i am in a state of confusion/insanity because i haven't slept in two days. thank you.

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