Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anger has gotten the best of me

Bill Smith,

At first I thought you were insane. Some of my posts weren't thought through first. I was full of angst.I still think your a little off your rocker though...sorry.
We all were shocked since we have been so used to Terry Ryan. Aka Mr.We-dont-need-to-trade-because-our-farm-system-is-awesome.

I like your sass.
You make the off season interesting again.
But please, don't go overboard.

Don't go all "mn timberwolves" on us please.

Thanks much,


Uncontrollable Id said...

Karlee, you're more forgiving than I am. Bill Smith is close to being thrown under the nearest bus (as far as I'm concerned), and we're not even at the winter meetings yet.

I mean, just because he's the new guy in charge doesn't mean he has to reinvent everything. It doesn't mean the power should overwhelm his senses to the point he starts tossing people out the door right and left. And if he does so, he'd better be prepared to EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL HIS PLAN IS. I thought the new stadium would enable us to keep our team. I thought I wouldn't have to feel agony like this, watching my team dismantle and scatter to the coasts. And unless Bill Smith does something brilliant, SOON, I am going to prepare myself for some long, bitter, unforgiving years.

You've been warned, Bill. TR left you some good shit. Don't f it up.

RK said...

Bill "At least I'm not Kevin McHale" Smith... right? Yeesh.

:: We've missed ourselves. But now we're good. W00t.

Karleeee said...

I agree. I enjoy his style in how he works because it seems he'll do something good. The main words "do something". But the thing is HE HAS to still show he'll do something good. The Young trade was okay but it can also backfire on us. There is always that chance with every trade though.

Screw it. If he does something stupid, I'll help you toss him under a bus, or possibly in the way of the light rail. Take your pick.

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