Monday, December 3, 2007

steinbrenner: kinda sucks at pog

I sit here shaking in my boots.(I would if I had any on, that is) eating a piece of birthday pumpkin pie...yes yes I know my b day is tomorrow *COUGH* listening to the beatles non-stop awaiting the news if Billy Smith decided to take the Yankees deal. this pie is good.
Oh can I just say how immature this whole trading "business" thing is?
It just reminds me of when I used to play pogs......

Steinbrenner: "I'll give you my penguin and transformers pogs for your Venezuelan flag SLAMMER!"

Smith:"oh no..I like my slammer. I know I should keep it but maybe if you toss in the free willy pog..."

Steinbrenner:"OH that is shenanigans! I JUST GOT IT and its working out well for me, thank you."
Smith:"well the only slammer you had retired because it was all cracked and the fun metallic design was rubbed should of thrown it away and not play it until it decided to leave on its own" (hint: I wonder which Yankee I'm talking about here..if you cant follow along, I'm sorry it just won't be funny)

*red headed step child walks up holding pog cases FULL of slammers and pogs, every child in the 90s would be jealous. If they cared*HEY YOU GUYS WANNA GIVE ME THINGS!?!?! I Know I already have everything and I truly don't need your help..but you billy smith..YOU have a slammer I WANT..give me your Venezuelan flag slammer! I'll give you some new pogs I got which might help you, but who knows..."

Steinbrenner: UGH...BE QUIET I DON'T LIKE YOU..*huffs* well my deal is better if you dont decide by lunch period WE ARE SO OVER. *stomps off*

To be continued......
Will Little Stieny get what he wants?
Or will the Red Headed step child step in and punch Steiny in the grill?
Or will Little Billy Smith pack up his pogs realizing he has the ultimate pogslammer.

up next:
Wheres waldo-santana?
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Looks like joe joe knows.


Tricia said...

I hope little Billy Smith packs up his pogslammer and hits the road. I don't want Johan to go play for the Yankees or Red Sox.

Happy Birthday!

haasertime said...

i think mauer is actually looking at punto's manbulge.

Karleeee said...

I wouldnt put it past him. (baby jesus mauer,that is)
I wouldn't put it past anyone.

And tricia thanks hun! <3

lil steiney is a whiney.
OH. RHYME-age.

my friend who is a boston fan has been giving me crap all day texting me. I MEAN COME ON its my bday. play nice. :(

Katie said...

Who DOESN'T check out Punto's package?

If people say they don't, I don't believe them.

Karleeee said...

hahaha Katie.



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