Saturday, April 26, 2008


Okay kids.
Guess who might be starting for the Rangers tomorrow?

Sidney Ponson.

I'm TiVo'ing that shit you best believe.

TOO. excited.


Oh yeah.
Last nights game.
Rincon pitching the 10th, really Gardy?
Last time I checked it would of been a grand time to put in Nathan.
But it sure as hell shows how much you trust your hitters.

Friday, April 25, 2008

This is what I do.

When the Twins decide to do horrible the past two days:

I watch my *NSYNC live from Madison Square Garden dvd and dance like I was 15 again.
Then my rush of hate of Justin Timberlake comes rushing in the front burner, completely forgetting how horrible Fransisco-you-make-karlee-say-lots-of-f-bombs-Liriano was.

When it comes down to it, I think Joey is the hottest now, since I'm a full grown woman.
Of course when I was young and didn't know my left hand from right I loved Lanth (the gay)

I compare it like how the young girl baseball fans love them some Joe Mauer.
But the real women enjoy us some Micheal Cuddyer, I wonder what else he can hide other than his cards.

(and just there I wasn't insinuating anything about Cuddy Buddies cash and prizes nor the fact that Joe Mauer is gay, Lance Bass is.)

The lyrics of *NSYNC sure shows how I feel about the twins right now.

"It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you
But when we are apart, I feel it too
And no matter what I do, I feel the pain
with or without you "

When your at home, you get horribly beat.
And when you aren't at still lose horribly.
And my friends, that tears up my heart.
I love expressing myself and my feelings through the magical wonders of music..

Thanks *NSYNC.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the oakland elephants balancing on a baseball.

Your winning streak has just been DENIED.
Livan, having a good outing.
Nick Punto, I swear by the end of the year your going to pull a Delmon on an Ump.
Is it just me or has he been super duper whiny? And it's funny because every game he's been playing he's gotten a hit, so why the child-like tantrums? Because secretly you know I like seeing them?

Oakland A's fans:
Do you all have voice immodulation? Van Horton's Syndrome?
(if none of you know that skit off of SNL, thats just a shammmme)
And the whole, horns and the drums. No.
But the best thing ever was the last thing I heard was a guy screaming "NOOOOOOO!" like he just saw someone fall off a cliff right after Twitch and Pitch struck out the last guy.

Craig Monroe, thanks for being good against the guy everyone knows your good against. So can you keep this up against people we wish you'd be good against? Maybe? No?

Boof is up next, I hope he can handle the crazies.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

rocket bats

They are silent against the almighty Scott Baker.
Punto had a hissy fit and threw his helmet. When I saw that I felt like daddy hit mommy at the dinner table, awwwwwkwaaaarrrrddd. Is it just me or has he become very irritable?

-Punto was 2-3. Cute.
-Rocket Bats Muffin Man Mr.Scotty Bakes had an amaaaazing outing.
-Carlos Gomez,your making us dec 4th 1985 peoples look amazing, keep at it.
-There is a bald eagle nest by the 5-8 club, call the press.
-Brendan Harris got his first home run, and first home run by a right handed hitter.
-Justin Morneau hit at the right time, thank you kindly sir.

Todays game was grand.
Seeing them jump on Justin made me smile all big.
Got the warm fuzzzzzzys.
life is good, for now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughts, by Karlee

On tonights game:
+Joe Mauer showed me he can still be productive, and is oddly a bit faster than last year. Justin Morneau still runs as fast as my cat Alice. My cat Alice is dead.

+Jason Bartlett's new number is 8. Really now Bartlett. Changing your number doesn't make you more of a better defensive player (ie:Punto) since ya know you already have 3 errors. One in tonight's game which scored two runs, ahhhh it's nice to see it from the other side finally. Remember last year? You had the most errors by a short stop in all of the MLB? I remember.

+my friend thought there was 2,000 people at the dome rather than 20,000. I asked her if her vision and "guesstimation" was a bit off since we sat on the first base line and she was oogling Justin Morneaus ass half the game.

+There we're these two drunk obnoxious men at the game sitting two rows in front of me (surprise)
Well needless to say they were screaming at Pena, thinking he was looking over at them.Because I bet Pena cared about what two d-bags thought about him to the point he kept on giving them the stink eye. So they decided to stay standing during the 8th inning. It's tied. KIND OF IMPORTANT. I don't enjoy it when people are standing in my view of Morneaus ass okay? Oh yeah, and the game too. *flips hair*
So This guy in front of me was laughing hearing me bitch and moan, I can tell everyone around us wanted to kill said "red shirt" and "orange shirt" so I yelled out "HEY RED SHIRT AND ORANGE SHIRT, yeah HI! Uhm, SIT DOWN? I'd loooove to watch the game" and they were drunk, laughing mumbling incoherently towards me then winking and being gross men. Everyone smiled at me since I was the savior, I should get a medal for standing up to two drunk guys in their mid 20's.

+Punto does his on deck warm ups very awkwardly arousing. I don't know if you've ever sat on the first base side. I sure as hell haven't. He crouches down like a catcher, puts his bat in front of him holding onto it then like moves his hips up towards it? Like he's working it like a stripper pole. I spit out my sunflower seeds on a innocent un-knowing small child. My bad.

+I feel gross saying I was yelling for either Reyes or Rincon to come in and pitch rather than Guerrier or Neshek. Has hell frozen over? No. Nick Punto was hitless, hell is still in it's dazzling hot state. But I sure as hell still feel awkward.

+Livan loves giving up home runs. So does Baker. And Neshek...uhhhh...

After the game thoughts:

+Carlos Gomez is going to have more stolen bases than hits. I swear. It can happen. Shut up.

+Cuddyer is supposed to be playing on Sunday, I'm soooo going to miss Span. Oh yeah also I need to stop being so sarcastic all the time.

+Seeing Bert Blyleven and Ron Coomer frolic around on the field makes me smile. And Anthony La Panta standing there with his shoes that look like they are gold because they are so shiny.

+My California math say's YOU know way too much Bert Blyleven, I'm speaking from the major league level because I'm a youngster. Fuck let's start this over I fucked up, what? It's live. Oh I didn't know, Booooooooooof, so you got Dick on your shirt? (thats my Bert Blyleven quote mash up)

+The free Kubel movement is in full effect. 2-4, run, rbi motha....shut cho mouth.

Update: I still don't like Everett.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An open letter to Pat Neshek

Pat Neshek.

Less of this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And a lot more of this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

PS:Yes. Yes you can Pat. You need your meats.

pps:dont you love his new hair?

Monday, April 14, 2008

most depressing game ever

We were ahead by 5 twice.
Pat Neshek, EAT MEAT RIGHT NOW! NOW! On Wednesday I'm bringing you a 30 oz porterhouse and your EATING IT ALL!

Nick Punto, you crushed that ball. You still make me smile, truly.

The Wild better win, I can't sleep knowing the wild lost, and Pat Neshek can't pitch anymore.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


In Soviet Russia, Ball hits you.
Morneau layed a nice one right on your right shin.
But you got the slow lumberjack out, he runs as fast as I think.
And thats sloooowly.

The Kubeloution is moving along at a steady pace knocking another out of the park.
Oof Onser is being quite the good pitcher, getting out of sticky situations. Skills, he has dem.
OH, by the way. It's bottom of the 4th.
Oh, one more thing. Punto hit a single straight up the middle.
And very sexily might I add.
When I saw him running towards first I could hear "dream weaver" play in the distance.
Oof really should wear a tighter uniform, he looks so frumpy now. Like, he's wearing his dads uniform. And "his dads uniform" meaning Boofeteria era.

Top of the fifth

-Yay, Harris I like you kind of. You hit balls.
-Punto wanna go 2-2 and make me happy? Gotta love your .500 avg. And I gotta love your sexy patience Punto. I can't believe you just didn't swing. That just made my damn day, the end. I'll take walks a plenty from you.

Bottom of the fifth
-Gload single. That just sounds disgusting.
-4 strike outs so far for Oooooooooof.
-Oh Oof, two people on base two out. This is when you strike someone out and make me happy.
-I can deal with a high pop up though;)

Top of the Sixth

-Let's go Hummingbird let's go!
-Oh, I think we are trying to hit the pitcher.
-Joe, you so know girls love it when you grab your crotch like you have to pee. Do you really need to do that every time you stand up or spread your legs. Maybe the nut cup is too big ;)
-Morneau like hitting people with his balls. Uhm. Yeaaaap.

Bottom of the sixth

-The acee of spaaaades. Five dollar fooot looooooooong. Wow, I'm already sick of commercials it's only been two weeks. Uh oh.
-Those teenage girls screaming in the background, not cool. It's okay to be jealous of our hot line up.

Top of the seventh
-You say you want a Kubeloution well you know, we all want him to DH *whistles the beatle song* infield base hit.
-Hit and run loves the Harris.
-Span up the middle, Kubel scoring. 2-0 Twinkiez.
-OH bunt single by Nick Punto. <3 I MISSED YOU.
-Gomez-0 Pressure situations-1
-well if you get hurt and miss work, it wont hurt to miss work. and they give you cash which is just as good as money.Oh Yogi. So old. So senile.
-Oh goodness, Joe-rally-killer-Mauer is up to base, what ya gunna do? Ground out to second? Hmm?
-Got him looking, ouch Mauer, ouch. Bases loaded. Ouch. Mauer.

Bottom of the seventh
-So, Guerrier is pitching. And I'm going to be re heating my food

Okay it's like...bottom of the 8th now.
-Neshek is a scary pitching man. Watch it. I love it when Bert "cackles" because of Neshek.
-Yep, you all were spooked.

Top o da ninth to ya!
-Marney, I do need my windshield fixed and your soothing voice makes me want to go to luther to get it done.
-Nick Punto 2-2 with a walk and his avg is .600....nice. And he broke his bat. Good at plate. Minus the whole strike out, its okay.

Bottom of the Ninth
Excuse me whats Joe Nathans ERA? 0.00? Okay just checking.
Oh well, I guess someone can hit Joe Nathans awesome pitches. Usually in like the baseball video games when you throw hard you see flames and it makes that cool WOOOOSH noise, when Nathan throws it's a glittery rainbow with doves flying towards the sunset.
-Oh back to back shut out games? YEAH.

Pre game
-Player of the game? Who to pick? The amazing pitching outing of (B)oof (B)onser? Jason Kubels 2 rbi night and home run? Or Nicks 2-3 night with a walk and amazing start of a double play to end the game?

I'm picking Nick, of course. Since ya know, he deserves it. Kubel already has a more kubel pic.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Join the movement my friends

Jason Kubel, if I was super musically inclined I'd so write you an awesome theme song.
But alas, I haven't written any music for quite some time, so next time your up to bat I'll just hum a random friendly ditty, deal?

And I think your walk on song should be "welcome to the jungle"

I'm going to be sad I won't see you boys play tonight, since the wild are supposed to win the game tonight, oh and they will my friend. THEY WILL.

Awesome pic of the day:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Skillz, he has dem.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bitch Sox

Top of the first

-gomez is fast. very fast. he scores thanks to baby jesus.

Bottom of the first
-I HATE NICK SWISHER, ick you make me want to hit things. You are such a pompous ass, really.
-uh, Nick Blackburn. What the hell is this? Keep those balls down. DOWN. Runners at the corners nobody out, and thome is up now. Great. Grand. Awesome. Nice.
-base hit right field. Game tied. The bat flew in the audience and hit a old lady, hahahaha.
Oh wow Thome, good job. An old 70+ lady. BAM RIGHT IN THE KISSER. That so sounds like something Pierzynski would do.
-I'm calling that someone is going to get hit by a pitch, and AJ is going to punch someone. Senses, I has them.
-yeah, blackburn does what he should.

Top of the second
-Kubeloution single.
-Harris got that there Kubeloution to 2nd.
-Lamb rbi double? Yeah? Bahhhhhhh.

Bottom of the second
-What in the hell is on Swishers chin? No really. Someone please explain what that is. It's like...who bleaches their facial hair? Oh I forgot, douchebags do.

Top of the Third
-denards first major leauge hit, go boy go.
-Hey guys, its only 364 days until Berts birthday. Just to let you know.
-Either Joe Mauer side burns are getting smaller, or his head is getting bigger.
-The wind swirls in the stadium, so says Bert. Thats why Justins ball didn't go all the way.
-I hate it when Dick says anti twins statistics. yeah 12 ground ball double plays. Got it. Shut your trap.

Bottom of the Third
-Ozzie gets tossed out of the ball game? What? Well thats a shocker. Good idea Mauer, walk away. Mommy and Daddy are fighting.
-First piece of bazooka joe gum: "Joe where's my english paper I asked you to check" "relax I gave it to jake" "are you sure your dog is smart enough to check my paper?" and then the dog says.."the way you write, one of my fleas could do", not funny.
-EW, PIERSUCKSKI. Go do something more your style like, Pretend you can wrestle.

Top of the fourth
- I miss Nick punto.
funny pictures
-Harris hit zee ball. Harris go to second.
-Mike Lamb looks cute from the side, and with a helmet on so you can't see his eyebrows of doom.
-Harris scores, Lamb has his second rbi double, aw snap.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
-neverhitt..i mean everett...struck out.

Bottom of the fourth
-Image and video hosting by TinyPic These are like crack. And so is Bazooka Joe gum. nom nom nom nom.
-Ew. bleach pube chin face douchebag got an rbi.
-I think Blackburn should hit Pierzkynski. Sorry, I was getting so used to watching hockey in the off season. And Blackburn has almost hit cabrera twice, and the fans are like AW SNAP OOOOH. I wonder what would happen if they hit nacho libre.
-Brian Bass= Sidney Ponson.
-Jim Thome hides underneath my bed at night.
-Nick Blackburn strikes out the boogeyman who dwells under my bed.

Top of the fifth
-Baltimore is 5-1? Wow, the beginning of the season makes horrible teams look good. Thats why in baseball, everyone wins.
-Why does Bert Blyleven know everything? He should go on Jeopardy.
-I'm still saying Morneau is going to get a home run, but I guess not right now.

Bottom of the fifth
-Bert is really starting to make those circles look so perfect and pretty. He's sober. Sad.
-If you were in a dark alley and Jermaine Dye walked up to you with a foot long 4.99 subway sandwich. What would you do?
-Pierzynski is up. And he's down. 1-2-3 inning.

Top of the sixth
-fly ball outs and strike outs piss me off, thats all I have.

Bottom of the sixth
-Matty G 1,2,3? Maybe?
-surprise! Strike out.
-Oh my god, I really want to punch Swisher. He is so gross. I bet he's so gross he has mirrors on his ceiling, thats how gross he is.
-Bert and Dick are fighting again.
-Mike Lamb denies douchebag a run.

Top of the seventh
-BOONE LOGAN, your beard is scary. Okay, are the Bitch Sox attempting to see who can have the nastiest facial hair? Do they all envy Jesse Ventura?
-yeah, we need to start hitting.

Bottom of the seventh
-Bert doesn't want to get the flu. Bert hates the cold, and I think it's making him loopy.
-Matty G stop getting me all mad and such.
-Oh....lookie there lets put in Patty Neshekles Death Metal Vegan Wonder Boy Side Show Pat.
-I wish I had a herky jerky delivery.
-NESHEK, what? tie game now? Oh ouch, that hurt.
-*whispers* Neshek, hit Pierzynski....wait that would be a bad idea since its only one out and two people on base, jk.
-Striking him out is also a good thing.
-bases loaded, two out. Neshek why do you give me heart palpitations?
i hate everything

Top of the eighth
-So, we scored a run. I'm kinda sad.

Bottom of the eighth
-that one guy I hate is up to bat, and that one pitcher I don't enjoy is pitching to him.
-Rincon strikes the douchebag out.

Top of the ninth
-white sox= horrid beard club.
-Matt Tolbert just broke the tv. Oh wait it's back.
-Go Go gadget Gomez.
-oh go go suck.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Karlee+Nick= too awesome for our own good

Okay so I first posted that lovely picture of Nick Punto being all ninja like flying in mid air, and I wrote "Nick Punto, I choose you!"

Then Nick Nelson from Nick and Nick's Twins Blog
noticed that Brock from pokemon looked a lot like Nick Punto.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So we decided Nick Punto is now Brock.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

A big bag of suck

Thats what todays game was.
4-6-3's make me want to rip out my hair.

Dear Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Micheal Cuddyer,

Hi, it's me again. I think the last time I wrote you all was when you did good.
Which was feels like hmmm...I forgot. But anyways......
Last night Joe decides to hit into a lovely double play.
Then today, YOU decide to just give us a sloppy sac fly, good job?
(I dont care if you got two doubles and two rbi's. I look towards the negative side of things)
Micheal Cuddyer, stop learning card tricks and start learning how to hit under pressure.
And I saved the best for last. Justin, hey whats your avg? .000? WOW REALLY?
I like the beginning of the year, only time I can actually say Nick Punto is doing better than you. And he is my friend, he is. Since he's actually hit the ball and got on base. Now you know how Nick feels, you did an amazing play at first base, BUT you cannot produce any important hits.

Woe is Morneau.
Woe is you.

Good luck against the 3-0 KC ROYALS (wtf?),

Jason Kubel,
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey rubix kubes.
Nice ringy dingy you got there, first of the season. Congrats.
I don't want to hurt your feelings but I thought Morneau or Cuddyer would of gotten it before you.
But, alas you triumphed against the others. Oh Kubes, how do you do it.

I got a fever,

"nick punto is to web gems, is how like peanutbutter is to jelly"

So says the awesome guy on ESPN.
Top 5 web gems, Morneau was 3 and Punto was number 1.

it makes me excited, so excited I want to flash my tatt!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And I looooooove Gomez's sass
"Everybody here knows we've got a good team," Gomez said. "In the middle of the season, we'll see what happens. If you're scared for now, don't worry about it. I know the team will be great. When we've got 50-60 games, we'll be up on everybody."
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes ya don't.(live blog)

Pre Game:
-Game three, Nick Blackburns first major league start. I'm half and half for him. He was amazing in the arizona fall league, his follow through is so smooth looking, just like his doughy joe mauer-esque face. He has chicken cartialidge in his right knee. His new nick name is chicken leg.
Do not fight me on that one. He is SO soft spoken, but he will make bitches sit down. He will.

-Cold lo mien is good, but cold chicken isn't. SO I guess I have to warm it up. Since it's chicken le mien

-Delmon Young and Vladimir Gurrero kind of have the same swing. Weird. But Young is adorable. And Vladdy is a scary scary voo-doo master who doesn't use batting gloves :(

-Anthony LaPanta has such a strong voice. I couldn't sound that cool if I tried.

-Harris, you dissapoint me time after time. Yuck. But Blackburn you do not disappoint me. Your strike to ball ratio is already making me flustered.

-Stop it, this is reminding me of last night. ICK.
-go go gomez. Patience, use it.

-I love that Nicky hustle. Esp when it's when he gets out Torii Hunter.
-Casey kotchman= Casey Crotch-man.
-Bert Blyleven "youngster" count:1
-Bert Blyleven "at the major leauge leve"l count:1
-Nick Blackburn hitting pitcher count:1
-cuddyer awkward catch count:1

-Telley Hughes looks very huggable.
-Morneau you should ya know, be good. Lay it in there, meat.
-17 ground ball outs last night. Don't remind me Dick, talk about something happy. Like, how good Delmon Young is.

-Berts circle machine isn't working. Or he's already drunk. Either or.

-Bert Blyleven "youngster" count:2
-Nick Puntos song is still "whip it"
-I hear a drunk man cheering him on...line drive to the pitcher. S-kay.
-UGH TOLBERT. Getting picked off trying to steal. Those youngsters I tell ya. But you did get your first major leauge hit.

-gomez does what gomez does, and catches another fly ball.
-Kansas C
ity is 2-0. Creepy.
-1-2-3 4th for Mr.Chicken Leg

-Bert Blyleven "youngster" count:3
-GO GO GOMEZ single.
-double play balls make me feel icky.
-short stops who make errors, that aren't OUR short stops=makes me feel not icky
-Morneau, one pitch. High chopper. Fail.

-Blackburn makes me very happy.
-MORNEAU= AMAZING FIRST BASEMEN. Knock that ball down. KNOCK IT. Then back hand that ball to Blackburn to get the out, show em who's boss.
-9 men retired in a row for blackburn.
-I like it when they play good.

-Redmonds walk on song is Led Zeppelins Kashmir. One more reason to love him dearly.
-123 inning. I have a feeling this will be a 20 inning game. Jokes.

-This is such a pitchers game. And thats fine, because that shows we still have a good pitching rotation.
-46 strikes 17 balls 6 strike outs.Blackburn you are greatness.
-Torii looks like he wants a home run, and I hear hecklerssss haha.
-Oh, he got his first hit! *gasps*
-six shut out innings for blackburn. nom nom

-Lead off single for PUNTO, who what? HUH? Punto? Yeah. Nick Punto.
-"one ringy dingy"- Bert Blyleven, speaking of the catcher just getting spanked in his cash and prizes.
-Now Bert is saying he should put coomer in a catchers uniform, throw balls between his shin gaurds and show kids to wear nut cups. Bert, I love you so much.
-STOLEN BASE, ERROR PUNTO TO THIRD. SEE, Punto brings the awesome!
-we dont score but, that was grand. Good job Small Fry. Hustle hustle hustle.
I dedicate this to you, Nick Punto.

-DAMNIT REDMOND/BLACKBURN, wild pitch run scored ick.

-lead off hit by our cuddy buddy.
-ick morneau, your like turning into 07 Mauer. Double play rally killer Mc.Gee....

-86 throws 63 strikes for Blackburn, Guerrier is pitching now, first time this season.
-wow, anderson is being intentionally walked to get to Torii Hunter. Fiesty.
-bases loaded.Appitizer sampler reyes is going to attempt to do some "damage", maybe they can put in Rincon and he can turn and throw to first but hit Torii again, no?
-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN Tolbert,you has the hustle.

-Monroe takes a walk.
-we cannot lose this game just because of blackburns wild pitch.

-Death Metal is up.
-NICK PUNTO, BEING NICK PUNTO. NINJA flying in the air, hustling his ass off bare handing a bunt to morneau to get the out. THIS IS the reason why I watch baseball. He excites the SHIT out of me. I know when hes playing, something amazing like that can happen. He makes me fan myself like a very excited gay man. It's insane.

-4th straight lead off man aboard, Tolbert.
-Gomez, dont pull a double play ball I'll cry.
-Gomez looks mad. 5 bunt attempts all fouls.
-Joe Mauer pinch hitting. I'm calling a rally killer Joe Mauer double play.
-OH, look at that.

After game thoughts:
It's sad that our "big hitters" have done nothing so far.
We lost because of a wild pitch. This game would of gone to the 20th inning, I was right.
But people make mistakes. BIG mistakes.
Make sure to watch the final score, I'm guessing Nick Puntos awesomeness will be on it.

Uh, atleast Torii sucked?

Only good things about last night:
Torii tried to make a scoop grab in center and failed. It made my heart warm.
Rincon hit Hunter. I laughed. I bet Torii never liked that little devil.
By the end of the game there were people heckling Torii, and this girl was like "come on torii!" and this guy said "NO..get over IT."

Ahhhh, bitterness.

Oh and I met two rad guys, and I saw a drunk ass get kicked out of the game.

Punto is playing in the game tonight.
So no matter what for me, tonight will be a fun game.
3rd base though, hmmmm. Okay gardy.

note:Torii Hunter is hitless in the series so far.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

love lifts us up where we belonggggg

Gotta love when the Twins win the season opener.
And Joe Nathan making Torii Hunter sit down.
And seeing people lose balls in the teflon baggy of DOOM.
And Vladdy getting knocked on his ass, actually freaking out about being hit by Nesheks crazy slider. I guess it's only human to cower in fear against Neshek.

That game was too fun, it makes me very excited for the baseball season.
And this is totally off subject but in the twins commercial with cuddyer morneau and mauer.
When Morneau says "lay something in there meat"
That took me long enough to figure out.
And if you didn't know, NOW you know. And you can keep on thinking I'm "kinda" smart.

Carlos Gomez is the cutest thing since furbees.
For some reason he reminds me of Elmo. Just so..giggly and cute and you want to tickle him.
"This is the perfect [day]," Gomez said. "I score two runs today and we win."
Just how much more adorable can you get? Probably not much more than that.
And he's amazing because amazing cute adorable people are born dec 4th 1985.
(random fact: I was born dec 4th 1985, I suspect awesome presents this year, because me and carlos are like brother and sister now.)

Tonights game.

Oh, one more thing. Whenever Mike Lamb gets a hit you have to "bahhhh"
That will also catch on.
"bahhhh" and "ooooftah!"

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