Saturday, April 12, 2008


In Soviet Russia, Ball hits you.
Morneau layed a nice one right on your right shin.
But you got the slow lumberjack out, he runs as fast as I think.
And thats sloooowly.

The Kubeloution is moving along at a steady pace knocking another out of the park.
Oof Onser is being quite the good pitcher, getting out of sticky situations. Skills, he has dem.
OH, by the way. It's bottom of the 4th.
Oh, one more thing. Punto hit a single straight up the middle.
And very sexily might I add.
When I saw him running towards first I could hear "dream weaver" play in the distance.
Oof really should wear a tighter uniform, he looks so frumpy now. Like, he's wearing his dads uniform. And "his dads uniform" meaning Boofeteria era.

Top of the fifth

-Yay, Harris I like you kind of. You hit balls.
-Punto wanna go 2-2 and make me happy? Gotta love your .500 avg. And I gotta love your sexy patience Punto. I can't believe you just didn't swing. That just made my damn day, the end. I'll take walks a plenty from you.

Bottom of the fifth
-Gload single. That just sounds disgusting.
-4 strike outs so far for Oooooooooof.
-Oh Oof, two people on base two out. This is when you strike someone out and make me happy.
-I can deal with a high pop up though;)

Top of the Sixth

-Let's go Hummingbird let's go!
-Oh, I think we are trying to hit the pitcher.
-Joe, you so know girls love it when you grab your crotch like you have to pee. Do you really need to do that every time you stand up or spread your legs. Maybe the nut cup is too big ;)
-Morneau like hitting people with his balls. Uhm. Yeaaaap.

Bottom of the sixth

-The acee of spaaaades. Five dollar fooot looooooooong. Wow, I'm already sick of commercials it's only been two weeks. Uh oh.
-Those teenage girls screaming in the background, not cool. It's okay to be jealous of our hot line up.

Top of the seventh
-You say you want a Kubeloution well you know, we all want him to DH *whistles the beatle song* infield base hit.
-Hit and run loves the Harris.
-Span up the middle, Kubel scoring. 2-0 Twinkiez.
-OH bunt single by Nick Punto. <3 I MISSED YOU.
-Gomez-0 Pressure situations-1
-well if you get hurt and miss work, it wont hurt to miss work. and they give you cash which is just as good as money.Oh Yogi. So old. So senile.
-Oh goodness, Joe-rally-killer-Mauer is up to base, what ya gunna do? Ground out to second? Hmm?
-Got him looking, ouch Mauer, ouch. Bases loaded. Ouch. Mauer.

Bottom of the seventh
-So, Guerrier is pitching. And I'm going to be re heating my food

Okay it's like...bottom of the 8th now.
-Neshek is a scary pitching man. Watch it. I love it when Bert "cackles" because of Neshek.
-Yep, you all were spooked.

Top o da ninth to ya!
-Marney, I do need my windshield fixed and your soothing voice makes me want to go to luther to get it done.
-Nick Punto 2-2 with a walk and his avg is .600....nice. And he broke his bat. Good at plate. Minus the whole strike out, its okay.

Bottom of the Ninth
Excuse me whats Joe Nathans ERA? 0.00? Okay just checking.
Oh well, I guess someone can hit Joe Nathans awesome pitches. Usually in like the baseball video games when you throw hard you see flames and it makes that cool WOOOOSH noise, when Nathan throws it's a glittery rainbow with doves flying towards the sunset.
-Oh back to back shut out games? YEAH.

Pre game
-Player of the game? Who to pick? The amazing pitching outing of (B)oof (B)onser? Jason Kubels 2 rbi night and home run? Or Nicks 2-3 night with a walk and amazing start of a double play to end the game?

I'm picking Nick, of course. Since ya know, he deserves it. Kubel already has a more kubel pic.

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