Friday, April 11, 2008

Join the movement my friends

Jason Kubel, if I was super musically inclined I'd so write you an awesome theme song.
But alas, I haven't written any music for quite some time, so next time your up to bat I'll just hum a random friendly ditty, deal?

And I think your walk on song should be "welcome to the jungle"

I'm going to be sad I won't see you boys play tonight, since the wild are supposed to win the game tonight, oh and they will my friend. THEY WILL.

Awesome pic of the day:
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Skillz, he has dem.


haasertime said...

his walkout song should be "don't fear the reaper"

Karleeee said...

Or "black sabbath" by Black Sabbath.
Just the beginning of the song, and him walking out. he'd have to have like, a fog machine when he walks to the plate.

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