Tuesday, April 1, 2008

love lifts us up where we belonggggg

Gotta love when the Twins win the season opener.
And Joe Nathan making Torii Hunter sit down.
And seeing people lose balls in the teflon baggy of DOOM.
And Vladdy getting knocked on his ass, actually freaking out about being hit by Nesheks crazy slider. I guess it's only human to cower in fear against Neshek.

That game was too fun, it makes me very excited for the baseball season.
And this is totally off subject but in the twins commercial with cuddyer morneau and mauer.
When Morneau says "lay something in there meat"
That took me long enough to figure out.
And if you didn't know, NOW you know. And you can keep on thinking I'm "kinda" smart.

Carlos Gomez is the cutest thing since furbees.
For some reason he reminds me of Elmo. Just so..giggly and cute and you want to tickle him.
"This is the perfect [day]," Gomez said. "I score two runs today and we win."
Just how much more adorable can you get? Probably not much more than that.
And he's amazing because amazing cute adorable people are born dec 4th 1985.
(random fact: I was born dec 4th 1985, I suspect awesome presents this year, because me and carlos are like brother and sister now.)

Tonights game.

Oh, one more thing. Whenever Mike Lamb gets a hit you have to "bahhhh"
That will also catch on.
"bahhhh" and "ooooftah!"


Tricia said...

Karleeeee....Twins Sisters nominates Delmon Young for booty of the day, even tho' it makes us feel kind of like dirty old ladies.

Karleeee said...

just for you, i shall find a booty pic of him. And I kind of was staring at his booty last night whilst in the home run porch

Tricia said...

That's where we were sitting last night too...row 18 in left field.

Thank you!

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