Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the oakland elephants balancing on a baseball.

Your winning streak has just been DENIED.
Livan, having a good outing.
Nick Punto, I swear by the end of the year your going to pull a Delmon on an Ump.
Is it just me or has he been super duper whiny? And it's funny because every game he's been playing he's gotten a hit, so why the child-like tantrums? Because secretly you know I like seeing them?

Oakland A's fans:
Do you all have voice immodulation? Van Horton's Syndrome?
(if none of you know that skit off of SNL, thats just a shammmme)
And the whole, horns and the drums. No.
But the best thing ever was the last thing I heard was a guy screaming "NOOOOOOO!" like he just saw someone fall off a cliff right after Twitch and Pitch struck out the last guy.

Craig Monroe, thanks for being good against the guy everyone knows your good against. So can you keep this up against people we wish you'd be good against? Maybe? No?

Boof is up next, I hope he can handle the crazies.


L said...

Seriously. What is up with that elephant.

S.Rail said...

Boof can handle anything. But there is Gomez, who can't...

Corey E. said...

We need a new Butt of the Day.

Karleeee said...

Yes we do, and I will decide who shall be the booty of the day after this game.

Corey E. said...

1) Thank you.

2) Can you somehow feature Jason Kubel's beard each time he has a good game? Maybe like a beard tote? You know, the way WWII pilots would track the number of enemy aircraft they had shot down?

I just think this would be fun. It would certainly make me smile.

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