Sunday, April 20, 2008

rocket bats

They are silent against the almighty Scott Baker.
Punto had a hissy fit and threw his helmet. When I saw that I felt like daddy hit mommy at the dinner table, awwwwwkwaaaarrrrddd. Is it just me or has he become very irritable?

-Punto was 2-3. Cute.
-Rocket Bats Muffin Man Mr.Scotty Bakes had an amaaaazing outing.
-Carlos Gomez,your making us dec 4th 1985 peoples look amazing, keep at it.
-There is a bald eagle nest by the 5-8 club, call the press.
-Brendan Harris got his first home run, and first home run by a right handed hitter.
-Justin Morneau hit at the right time, thank you kindly sir.

Todays game was grand.
Seeing them jump on Justin made me smile all big.
Got the warm fuzzzzzzys.
life is good, for now.


L said...

"It's really fun to jump around."

Good one, Justin.

I loved todays game...especially Nick's hissy fit. I think next time he should just crush the helmet in his hands.

S.Rail said...

Punto also has tantrums when he strikes out. He threw his helmet and he looked like he was glaring at the camera

Karleeee said...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy seeing him mad, hahaha.

Katie said...

The tantrum was really one of my favorite parts of the game. I like to see that the boys are just as emotionally invested in the game as I am.

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