Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uh, atleast Torii sucked?

Only good things about last night:
Torii tried to make a scoop grab in center and failed. It made my heart warm.
Rincon hit Hunter. I laughed. I bet Torii never liked that little devil.
By the end of the game there were people heckling Torii, and this girl was like "come on torii!" and this guy said "NO..get over IT."

Ahhhh, bitterness.

Oh and I met two rad guys, and I saw a drunk ass get kicked out of the game.

Punto is playing in the game tonight.
So no matter what for me, tonight will be a fun game.
3rd base though, hmmmm. Okay gardy.

note:Torii Hunter is hitless in the series so far.

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