Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An open letter to Pat Neshek

Pat Neshek.

Less of this:
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And a lot more of this:
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PS:Yes. Yes you can Pat. You need your meats.

pps:dont you love his new hair?


Kayla said...

lmao. that's hilarious in the worst way.

RK said...

My humble suggestion to go along with cheezburger: Some death metal band (Lamb of God, Satan's Scythe, Boiling Skulls, ok i'm just making these up now) needs to put out a new album. Death Metal needs some recharging

Karleeee said...

Yeah he does, since the new avenged sevenfold album came out he's been horrible (so has avenged sevenfold)

He needs some All That Remains and Chimaira.

I'm going to bring my All That Remains cd, and just slide my cd boom box out to the players parking lot and just blare it and run for the hills.

Anonymous said...

veg 4 life, muthafukkas!

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