Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughts, by Karlee

On tonights game:
+Joe Mauer showed me he can still be productive, and is oddly a bit faster than last year. Justin Morneau still runs as fast as my cat Alice. My cat Alice is dead.

+Jason Bartlett's new number is 8. Really now Bartlett. Changing your number doesn't make you more of a better defensive player (ie:Punto) since ya know you already have 3 errors. One in tonight's game which scored two runs, ahhhh it's nice to see it from the other side finally. Remember last year? You had the most errors by a short stop in all of the MLB? I remember.

+my friend thought there was 2,000 people at the dome rather than 20,000. I asked her if her vision and "guesstimation" was a bit off since we sat on the first base line and she was oogling Justin Morneaus ass half the game.

+There we're these two drunk obnoxious men at the game sitting two rows in front of me (surprise)
Well needless to say they were screaming at Pena, thinking he was looking over at them.Because I bet Pena cared about what two d-bags thought about him to the point he kept on giving them the stink eye. So they decided to stay standing during the 8th inning. It's tied. KIND OF IMPORTANT. I don't enjoy it when people are standing in my view of Morneaus ass okay? Oh yeah, and the game too. *flips hair*
So This guy in front of me was laughing hearing me bitch and moan, I can tell everyone around us wanted to kill said "red shirt" and "orange shirt" so I yelled out "HEY RED SHIRT AND ORANGE SHIRT, yeah HI! Uhm, SIT DOWN? I'd loooove to watch the game" and they were drunk, laughing mumbling incoherently towards me then winking and being gross men. Everyone smiled at me since I was the savior, I should get a medal for standing up to two drunk guys in their mid 20's.

+Punto does his on deck warm ups very awkwardly arousing. I don't know if you've ever sat on the first base side. I sure as hell haven't. He crouches down like a catcher, puts his bat in front of him holding onto it then like moves his hips up towards it? Like he's working it like a stripper pole. I spit out my sunflower seeds on a innocent un-knowing small child. My bad.

+I feel gross saying I was yelling for either Reyes or Rincon to come in and pitch rather than Guerrier or Neshek. Has hell frozen over? No. Nick Punto was hitless, hell is still in it's dazzling hot state. But I sure as hell still feel awkward.

+Livan loves giving up home runs. So does Baker. And Neshek...uhhhh...

After the game thoughts:

+Carlos Gomez is going to have more stolen bases than hits. I swear. It can happen. Shut up.

+Cuddyer is supposed to be playing on Sunday, I'm soooo going to miss Span. Oh yeah also I need to stop being so sarcastic all the time.

+Seeing Bert Blyleven and Ron Coomer frolic around on the field makes me smile. And Anthony La Panta standing there with his shoes that look like they are gold because they are so shiny.

+My California math say's YOU know way too much Bert Blyleven, I'm speaking from the major league level because I'm a youngster. Fuck let's start this over I fucked up, what? It's live. Oh I didn't know, Booooooooooof, so you got Dick on your shirt? (thats my Bert Blyleven quote mash up)

+The free Kubel movement is in full effect. 2-4, run, rbi motha....shut cho mouth.

Update: I still don't like Everett.


L said...

Burn on Adam Everett. I like him...mostly because he looks like he hi-lights his hair...

I love Bert, too. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

And way to stick it to the drunk guys.

Karleeee said...

your chicka chicka yeah joe nathan loltwin makes my heart flutter.

Yeah, neverhitt, i mean everett does have good hair. But (b)oof (b)onser has the BEST hair on the team. So full and thick and so hockey-player esque.

S.Rail said...

UGH! Morneau goes like 10 in a 60 mph zone!

Kayla said...

i'm pretty sure jason would have chosen 18 if he could have. ben zobrist already had 18 when he was over there, so... i'm sure 8 was just a backup.

i love the shit out of mr. bartlett and his errors. yeeep, i said it.

Karleeee said...

shhhh let me think he got the #8 because of Punto, makes me sleep better at night.

Kayla said...

lmaoo okay.. it's cuter that way, too.

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