Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear Twins Territory,


Is there even going to be a team next year?

Torii leaves.
Now The whole Santana trade talks.
Now possibly Nathan would be apart of it too? Since we haven't locked him down yet.
Also Boof maybe going to Tampa?
And then this crazy rumor(I repeat rumor, this would never happen) about Morneau to the Angels for Casey Kotchman and Ervin Santana?

What what what?!

So trade the best closer and pitcher in all of mlb.
Thats sure a HUGE upgrade.
And then toss in the 2006 mvp.

I don't think Torii needs a punching bag in cali. He can just smack up Vladdy. (punching bag: Morneau, but really Nick would have to be behind him the whole time)

"I think it's important to the fans to have a good team in 2010 but, despite the changes that have been made recently, we're not giving up on 2008 and 2009," said Smith, who wouldn't comment on specific trade talks. "We are continuing to pursue deals that makes this organization stronger and better, short term and long term."

You have balls.
Okay then keep one of the best pitchers in baseball?
How about that? I think that would make us stronger.
Unless Santana keeps on slowly turing into Radke jr giving away homeruns.
Yes yes I know we have Neshek to be a closer. But really. Nathan too? COME ON.

I loved the 2007 team, minus casilla,ortiz,ponson...i can go on but you know what I mean.

This off season is making my head hurt.


Kayla Ramey said...

jason bartlett and matt garza are now gone.

good god, i've been crying for an hour. i'm not even exaggerating; i literally can't breathe. this is hell. this is fucking hell.

Katie said...

Jason Bartlett is just so pretty. Can't we keep him? Please?


Karleeee said...

Dear,sweet Katie.

I wish we could keep him but we know he's been "slacking"

Plus I always wanted a immature anger infused young black man to play for our team.

Seriously a dream of mine.
I'm very excite.

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