Sunday, November 4, 2007

Don't shoot the wishful thinking girl.

Okay so I was sitting here thinking of what we should do this off season besides playing too much D&D online with Lew Ford because we all miss him secretly.

I've been hearing the Mets might want A-rod.
Then I realized "....then where would Dwright go?"
(I already have a nickname for him, gross)
Then I thought "we need a 3rd basemen"
Then I kept on thinking how they wanted Johan Santana.

That got me to eventually thinking if needed we could trade good ol' Santana for David Wright.

But here's the thing. I don't want world war 3 to go off in New York.
The Mets/Yanks rivalry would go to its ultimate peak and
the ice caps will melt from all the angst/hate/disgust in the air.

I'm not complaining.
I love Johan and all.
But we do have a lot of good young pitchers.
It would be sad to see him go.
But if Torii goes might as well just break our hearts two times right?

And if metsgrrl knew I had a blog. And saw this. She might want to shank me. Possibly. BUT ILY. But I might love DW more.

And as for the center field position..Coco Crisp.
(I personally like him for his mo effing awesome name..we'd have a boof and a coco. It's like mac and cheese..perfect)
If we get a good 3rd basemen hitter(I.E David Wright) we don't have to worry about how Coco Crisp isn't the best at hitting. He can hit but he isn't a Torii Hunter.
BUT He's younger, can run as fast as a gazelle. I think it could work.
Or Punto can play CF. I mean why not. Really.

And our dh?
Oh shit we let go of Lew Ford didn't we?
I mean the idea of Bonds would be nice. I mean hello he can hit.
But hes a showboat and kind of a prick.

And we ALL know the Twins aren't about being prick-like.
Well..uh..not ALL the time.
They aren't pricky. More-so 6th grade whiney.
They are loving and snuggly.
I bet they have sleep-overs and talk about girls,baseball,cars, and boobs.

Bonds goes to fancy clubs and drinks the blood of deer while snorting lines of HGH.

And I will say it one more time.
I do not like Alexi Casilla.

The End.

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