Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Torii and friends

So we are trading "someone to be named at a later time" to aquire Craig Monroe from the Cubs.

"Monroe, 30, batted .219 with 12 homers and 59 RBIs in time split between Detroit and the Cubs."

SO...you want a Nick Punto 06' that can hit home runs.
Wait so that means..Rondell White.

I think they brought him over here since he's bffs with Torii.
Maybe saying "HEEEEEY, you work out with him and probably do bbqs in Texas with him during the off season, wouldn't it just be GRAND for you two to play with eachother? AW OMG please stay were falling apart here!"


Can't we get a player with...like..substance?
Oh no we can't. This is the Twins we're speaking of.
And I swear if they trade Jason Kubel for him..I'll have issues.
Hell, I'll have issues if they trade even Jason Tyner.
I said it.


Anonymous said...

they only give minor leaguers in these deals, NEVER major leaguers... where have you been? And it's usually a prospect but in this case, I doubt we'll even give that.

Karleeee said...

I know that but it's the twins were talking about.
God knows what we'd do, haha.
Punto is still in the line up.
Anything can happen.

I just have a bad feeling by the end of all of this we won't have santana, hunter, garza, bonser, and possibly nathan.

But thats the paranoid side of me comming through.

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