Thursday, November 22, 2007

Torii, a Halo

SO long sweet cheeks.
Its official the seven time gold glove winner took the highest bidder (a nice cool 90 million) and signed with the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim. Yikes that's a mouthful. And isn't it just such a coincidence that our home opener is against the halos?
This came out of left field, all of us were thinking White Sox or Rangers. But the Angels? I guess they know how to reel em' in. Not to jump at first but to wait and watch other teams make an ass out of themselves then finally set something on the table SO HUGE who would in their right mind refuse such an offer?

We all wish he would of pulled a Kirby Puckett and settle for something less to stay with the team he loved. But he isn't Kirby. I can try to think of something sweet and simple to say about this. But all I can really think about is this quote:

"We shocked the world. Now I'm an Angel. I'm going to hopefully finish my career as a Halo, and hopefully get about three [World Series] rings out of this thing."

Doesn't it just make you want to cheer for the twins even harder? Wouldn't it be the best if in 08' the twins win the world series?
That would be the biggest "ahh..touche" in all of sports history. (not)

Goodbye Torii, you gave us memories we'll never forget, we had some good times and some bad times but all in all it was an honor to see you walk into center field every game, knowing we'll see some magic out there.

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