Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hey you guys.

I miss baseball.
And once I started to get into the wild they ended up showing us that all MN teams do good then all a sudden go into a wind whirl of suckness. Is Juan Rincon playing for you guys now? Or Ponson? Ortiz?

I might be going to the game tonight.
Don't lose.
But I do like seeing fights.
Maybe someone can pull a happy gilmore and take off their skate and chase someone around saying he's going to "cut-a bitch".
I'd personally would like to see Bouchard do that.
He seems like the type you really don't want to mess with.
And ANY...I repeat ANY hockey player who is 23 and has his head shaved means business.
And you should be scared.
VERY scared.

And Belanger is like the hockey fans Joe Nathan.
And Brian Rolston is Karlees Nick Punto. In Hockey form. And 430948 years older.
Except he's good.
Okay that was harsh, yet true.
There's always next year.

Next blog post it will have some substance to it. I promise. Okay?


sarah* said...
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sarah* said...

I do believe Juan Rincon IS playing for the Wild. Haven't you seen him? He is sitting in the um..."corner" a bright pink jersey, bawling when anyone gets too close to him with a hockey stick. He is also wearing blaze orange skates with camo laces (just for deer huntin' which he doesn't hunt).

Karleeee said...

He wears camo skates so the deer don't see his feet. Since he thinks deer like the taste of human feet.

I don't know where I'm going with this. *shuts up*

sarah* said...

lol nice..he is such a retard that Rincon...

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