Friday, November 16, 2007

When you least expect it

Some news worth smiling for.

Nick Blackburn is 4-0 with a 1.64 ERA in six starts for the Phoenix Desert Dogs in the Arizona Fall League.

There was something about him when he got called up to the bigs.
No it wasn't the fact that he looks freakishly like Joe Mauer.
Haha I'm kidding.
He did good at first but then kinda well, not so good during the end of his stint.

He is as the awesomely awesome Bert Blyleven says a "youngster"
Got ahead of himself. Ya know..those "youngsters" have all that pent up "OMG IM IN THE BIGS MUST THROW HARD" feeling.

I would love to see him in the starting rotation, there is just something about him.

yum yum yum.

My top 5 "guys I am excited to watch" next year:

5. Jose Morales
-The first, and only game he played he did an amazing job. I was quite impressed and shocked. But an injury put him on the DL. Let's hope he can keep healthy so we can see what he REALLY can do.

4. Nick Punto
-This past season was something all twins fans would love to forget. And I bet he feels the same way. But he seems like the kind of guy who isn't good with failure and will try his best to show people he's better. So I'm excited to see him prove himself to the nay sayers.

3.Johan Santana
-Since it could possibly be his last season. Suspect me to be at every "Johan Santana Show" at the dome in 08

2.Garret Jones
-He has some power but he needs to work on ya know, hitting the ball. He has some positives about him and I think he has what it takes. He just needs to get more comfortable at the plate.

1.Our pitching line up
-I have a feeling it will be amazing in 08. If Liriano is better, I'm calling we're playoff bound. Hell I think we are regardless if we have him in the line up or not. But first our betting line up needs to learn how to hit with consistancy.

Up next:
Top (?) guys I'm not excited to see.

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