Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hey Torii, uh.

"I've talked to Torii about that," Monroe said. "We've always talked about playing together. Now I have a chance to be Twin and there's a chance [Hunter] is leaving. I'm tugging at him [to stay] but I wish the best for him and his family."

Twins are hoping Monroe will produce closer to his 2006 season, when he batted .255 with 28 homers and 92 RBI with Detroit.

"That's my boy," Hunter said. "I can't believe they picked him up."'

The business side of baseball, however, supersedes friendships. Hunter hasn't had any contract discussions with the Twins since late in the regular season.

Hunter said Tuesday that six to 10 teams are interested in him. And his decision to remain with the Twins also depends on which direction the club is headed.

"Trading for Craig is not going to get me back there." Hunter said. "[The trade] looks good, I can tell you that. But that's not all of it. Can you guarantee that Johan [Santana] is going to be back? Joe Nathan? There's other stuff right now.

"But it's open. It's time to talk."

Trading for Craig WILL get you back there.
Does Torii Hunter realize who owns the team?
Does he realize he doesn't shell out money just to keep the big names?
Since ya know, we have SO MANY rising stars.
Because Sidney Ponson did so good for us last year.

Is it just me or whenever I read Torii Hunter quotes I feel as if he's talking down to me, like I'm stupid.


SO heres the deal.
If you don't sign the big names on this team for long term deals, and if you don't attempt to get a power bat Torii will leave.

But if you DO those things. He'll stay.

So which one would make the team better?
Make the new stadium sell out?

Dear Carl Pohlad,

*smack* WAKE UP.

Karlee, and probably the rest of the twins fans.

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sarah* said...

As a True Twins Fan, i say:


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