Thursday, September 27, 2007


Your boom stick is so big.
SO big you hit el beisbol out of fenway park.
Mommy like.

Lecroy can't throw.
Please, make him stop throwing.
PLZ baseball gods.

Punto bouncing boom stick balls off of the green monster being all ninja like.
Then punto hustling his cute booty to home.

Minnesota Twins,

Sorry guys, the office is on.
I still love you.
But uh. It's the office. Understand. Please.
I'll turn it back during commericals.


pouring rain= punto slip and slide.


Garrrreeettttt Jones got a home run.
Cuddy got a big boom stick.
We also played small ball.
Punto being all good.
It rained.
Wet baseball players.
Joe Nathan does what Joe Nathan does.
We win.

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