Monday, September 3, 2007

Dear Jim Souhan,

You are all sorts of crazy.

"Mauer to third? Move would save legs and dollars"

Close your eyes, and try to think Joe diving for a ball.
I'll give you a moment......



I mean yeah sure,it will help his legs. But I mean can you really see him as a 3rd basemen? I really can't. AT ALL.

Whats next?
Persuading Bert Blyleven with a pack of beer and a new circle sign to pitch for us again after Johan leaves? (yep. I said it.)

Next years line up:

1st: Anthony LaPanta
2nd: A guy with the last name "Casilla" "Castilla" "Castillo" "Castilloa" "Castla" etc etc...
3rd: Gardies son.
ss: Jason Bartlett...because he's cute.
RF: Cuddyer.
LF: Cuddyer.
CF: Cuddyer...or if were lucky Stephen Hawking.
Catcher: Lew Ford
Ball Boy: Nick Punto (Gardy could never get rid of him, EVAR)
DH: TC Bear...he always wins those home run games against all the other mascots and such. COME ON GARDY. THINK A LITTLE BIT MY GOD.

Pitching: Bert Blyleven, Jeff Cirillo(since he's been pitching for the diamond backs, yeah. NUTS. GOOGLE IT), and the person who throws the first pitch. If were giving people chances (plural) might as well get the fans involved. Even Billy the 5 year old kid with a.d.d has a chance.


Katie said...

I LOVE your line-up for next year. I laughed SO hard.

I too frequently wish that they would just put TC in the line-up. He's not that fast, but he can hit. Plus, if he played infield, he could just grab the opposing runners by the jersey and hold them back like he does in the little tyke races.

Karleeee said...

Well I would assume its hard for bears just to run on two of their legs and not all he's already more talented than the whole team combined. I'd like to see the guys run with one leg....yeah.

Hahaha if only gardy knew any better...

Rachel_Slowey said...

haha.. oh that lineup

you make me laugh.. hard

and jeff cirillo pitching.. bahaha


but my dad told me that gladden pitched a little bit too...

Karleeee said...



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