Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I just realized.

I like guys named Nick.
...wait I don't like Nick swicher..swisher..swizzyisserzizzle..however you spell it(sweets)
Well..The Nicks on OUR team.
Blackburn, good job.
You made momma proud....
until you put two people on base with 0 outs so Death Metal had to come in so he can hopefully sit some bitches down. And hopefully means "it probably won't happen"

If I was a professional Baseball player I would be scared to hit Nesheks pitches.
I mean..he never stop moving on the mound. He throws it like a crazed circus ninja with tourettes. Hanging his tounge out because he's hungry...hungry for stike outs.

But Neshek is being pure suck. Thank you.. it WAS it's 6-2.

*long loud sigh*

The person I hate the most from this series:
Your parents don't love eachother. They aren't even sitting by eachother during the game. How does that make you feel? Guess what. I don't care. Evil demon.

I don't like being swept.
Yeah I know the game isn't done yet.
One inning, gotta make 4 runs?
I'm sorry I don't have faith. Who would.

Karlee out.


Katie said...

I am pretty much in love with Nick Blackburn now. We have good taste.

Karleeee said...

I sometimes question Terry Ryans sexual orientation because we breed hot men in our farm leagues. And in the bigs.

But Buscher still looks like a serial killer. *nods*

Katie said...

We DO breed us some hot men.

WAY hotter than most teams.

Nick N. said...

I know another Nick you like!

Karleeee said...



Rachel_Slowey said...

i hate cleveland too..
but i hate a lot of things right now..
this blog actually made me smile... pretty much the first time this week that that has happened..
so thanks for that =]

Karleeee said...

I'm glad my blog can give you a nice cheer me up!

We all need a hug right about now.

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