Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A love letter.

To Gardy and Joe Mauer.

I love you.
Wait..you don't know why I love them?

OH this little snippit from an article on twinsbaseball.com

"It was a notion that manager Ron Gardenhire dismissed immediately(that Mauer should play 3rd) when it was brought up on Monday.

"He's a superstar catcher," Gardenhire said. "That's like saying 'Well, Johan [Santana] is really a great hitter, so we better take him off the mound and put him in center field because you want to get more out of his bat. You want to move one of the best pitchers in the game because he hits so well. Well, let's make him a hitter.' Well, let's take a guy who gets behind the plate and stops the run game totally and get him out there and put him at third, when there's no guarantee [that] he can play third. And there's no guarantee that he wouldn't get hurt doing that, too."

Mauer's injuries this season aren't necessarily catching related. But the constant beating that his legs take from squatting and getting down behind home plate is something Mauer has admitted is a byproduct of the job.

Mauer was sidelined with injuries early on in his career as well. In 2004, his rookie season, Mauer tore the meniscus in his left knee in early April when making a sliding catch behind home plate. It forced him to miss two months. In 2005, the Twins were tentative with Mauer due to the knee issue from the year before.

Still, the influx of injuries this season has not forced Mauer to re-think his decision to remain as a catcher -- at least not yet.

"Injuries happen to everyone, not just catchers," Mauer said. "They happen to outfielders, infielders and they just happen. The last couple seasons, I've been lucky to stay in the game and have just little nicks and bruises here and there. This year, I've had to miss some time, but I want to be a catcher and I'm going to be one as long as I can."

What do you think about that SOUHAN?



Tricia said...

Love your blog. It cracks me up every time I read it.

Karleeee said...

I'm glad I can make people laugh <3

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