Wednesday, September 26, 2007

dun dun dun dun..dun dun dun dun..CHARRGEEE

Bases loaded.
Morneau up.
You would think.. "OH HELLS YEAH"
But really...lately.
Not so much.
Prove me wrong Canada.
*watches tv for the verdict*
*plays jeopardy theme music since he's fouling off 4094887598 balls*
RBI single. Prove-age wrong-age of Karlee. Touche Morneau. Tou-flipping-che.

Man oh man Morneau. You fouled off so many balls I could of gone outside, mowed the lawn, walked around the block, ate some chicken pot pie, visit my relatives in California, fly back, go to the bathroom, GET a water then sit down. And then FINALLY you would of hit the ball.

3 run double.
Mmmmmm Mmmm Mmmmmm.

OH did I mention its the first inning?
Oh Because it is.

Okay Santana.
We made you a nice comfy 4-run pillow to sit on while you sit some bitches down.
Remember you want that strike out title.

Magglio crazy hair man has a .400 avg against the sit down bitch god?
Aw, hell naw.

Sit down, bitch.

top of the 2nd
Casilla does what...well..Casilla does. Grounds out. slipped and slid-ed ALL UP on that kubel boom stick hit.
That was pretty bad-ass..even though it wasn't our team. Damn you.
Mauer. If I had a magic carpet I'd let you use it so you don't have to run.
Or suck.

Bottom of the 2nd

Greaseball Magglio VS. Sit down, Bitch.
Ps: Bert just said Santan-ia.
Greaseball-1 (a walk)
Sit down, Bitch-0

No.. I'm done saying "hes a youngster, I'll give him ONE more chance"
No. I don't like you. When a ball is thrown to you, you catch it. And not stand there and go *gasp* OMGZ, I didn't catch it, THEN run. No. YOU RUN AND GET THE BALL.

Okay. Bases loaded? This kinda feels like that time when I went to watch Johan for the first time and he sucked. Hmmmm.
We gave you a 4 run lead.
And if you mess it up, YOU HAVE NO right to be Mr.Bitchtana and say you don't get run support. Okay? sit down bitch. Two to go.
Ya know what? Chicken in lemon caper sauce is delish.
I'm sooo going to re heat the left overs of that for my dinner.

bases loaded walk?
ORLY JOHANNA. Yes. You are a pansy ass woman now. Johanna.
Maybe Johanna, Justine, and Alexi can go get ice cream after the game....wait I didn't have to change Alexis name. It already sounds girly. Poor thing.

Michelle is your new name. GO get ice cream with the other floozies.

Okay you sat someone down to get out of the inning.
But uhm. You are now Johanna.

Top of the 3rd
Michelle. You are not Nick Punto. Don't try to turn a single into a double. *smack*
Wham bam NO thank you ma'am.

Bottom of the 3rd
Where did the sudden LOUD thunder come from?
It's supposed to rain out?'s raining out.
*scampers off to*
I sure am happy I don't live in gaylord. You'd be getting pounded.

Oh..btw..another sit down bitch inning minus the base hit.

top of the 4th it raining at the game too?
Or am I like..just wishing for wet hot baseball men?
AHHH it was raining.
Game Delay.
Is it bad that I want to see them splashing in puddles and dancing in the rain?
No it isn't bad.
It's natural. natural.
I'll be back.

5th inning.
game over.
rain out.

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