Saturday, September 1, 2007

1/2 of a cup of sinker ,1/2 of a cup of awesome..

Then add a nice cup of strike outs and a dash of run support.

And what do you get?

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Muffin Man sprinkled his magic across home plate with his strike zone sensitive laser arm......111 pitches -- 81 strikes, 30 balls.
Excuse me while I drool. BUH.

"I think we just went from the worst game we played all year to almost perfect," manager Ron Gardenhire said.

Don't push it there Gardy.
Well Punto DID get on base and score.
Anytime that happens I consider it a "almost perfect" game.

Up next: Hi Ho Silva. 11am. Lets do this.

Ps: Cleveland start losing, alright? THANK YOU.

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Katie said...

Yes, Cleveland. Start losing. You too, Detroit. Enough is enough.

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