Friday, August 31, 2007

bizzaker betch!

7:18-It's the top of the 1st.
Two K's already?
Ahhhh..I love you maybe.

Let's hope I still love you after the game.

Oh yeah ps: I really don't like Casilla. Sorry. I think I never will either.
And it's not because he took Castillo's place. I Sorry. Okay? NO.


Nick N. said...

Great game.

Drunk right now.

Casilla will be good, trust me.

I like your blog because it makes me laugh.

Karleeee said...


I won't be doing that for a while.
My body decided to punish me with the worst possible stomach rot and heartburn on the face of the planet.

Pretty awesome..NOT.

And yay I'm glad it makes you laugh! <3

Casilla Will be good. But I still won't like him. :)

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