Friday, August 17, 2007


I like a day off.
...from baseball that is...

Let's you collect your thoughts.
And it helps that we won before the day off.
So I'm less bitter..but then again I am always bitter.

This is what I (don't) love.
All these kiddos who completely spazz out and saying the Twins don't deserve to get the wild card if we even get the chance. Since how they have been "slacking" as of late.

Here's the thing. Now that they won two games. You "guys" are like "omigawd. We rock! I love Torii Hunter! OMG. I'm a fan again. PENNANT RACE HERE WE COME..hehehe lol omg."

Yes we all know it's been quite the emotional roller coaster ride with this team. But it usually is. Yeah I say some things out of anger but I will never stop cheering for the boys. Or stop watching like some people do. Until they start doing better again.

I realize not to get ahead of myself. Yes, great that we won. But once they win 2-3 games in a row don't get your mind thinking we will win the pennant. Because there is a chance that in a couple of days you will say they have NO chance and your going to start watching the Mets b/c Castillo is playing for them now. It just hurts my head when it's "Twins on the road to october!" then "Twins slacking, no chance of pennant or wild card" then "OH..haha..nevermind..hehe.."

And the whole "will they make the wild card race/pennant race".
We all want them to. Everyone wants their team to win.
I mean...who would want their team lose? (besides when the Phillies lost their 324098439084 game and the fans cheered.)
I really don't care. If they don't. Next's just fun watching them.
And if they do? Well... freaking awesome.

I like me some baseball.
I don't care if some of the teammates aren't up to par.
I know you HAVE to trade to make your team better.
I know you lose.
I know you win.

I just know I love the team in it's whole. Good or Bad. There will ALWAYS be someone on the team not as good as the others. I love them all because they all want the same thing, and they are all trying as hard as they can. Even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it. Remember people aren't perfect. We would love Puntos offence to get better. We would love for Morneau to get out of his slump and start using his boom stick. We would love for our offence to be just as good if not better than our starting pitchers. We wish Liriano wasn't hurt. We would of liked to keep Castillo. And the main thing floating around we would love some "consistency"

But you can't have everything. Take what you get, and have fun watching the best sport on the face of the planet.

Now who's excited to watch our team play some Base-a-ball tomorrow?
I know I am.

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