Thursday, August 30, 2007

sometimes u just wanna smack someone up.

from the tribe:

"Jason Tyner led off the inning with a single to right field. That brought up Punto, the worst-hitting regular in the majors. He was going to bunt, of course, and he did -- just into the air behind home plate. Indians catcher Victor Martinez made the catch for the first out.

"It's my own fault," Punto said. "I can't try to bunt pitches that aren't buntable. The pitch was a little high. He was doing exactly what he was trying to do: get me to pop it up. I should have took one."

If you knew it was high. And you knew what he was trying to do. And YOU KNOW you can't bunt pitches that aren't buntable...

Okay, I can make excuses. You were nervous. Obviously you've been in a slump for quite some time. But seriously....I'm not mad I'm just SO SAD about how bad you are doing. I mean come on.

At least you are the leader with the best fielding percentage in the American league for 3rd base.
It's .974.
And it's also the 2nd best in all of MLB.
That is a big plus.
Nick Punto has a better fielding percentage than A-rod? And David Wright? AND TEH JETER..omigawdnowai.
Yeah think about that one. It makes me smile. Then I realize A-rod's batting avg is like makes me die a little inside. BUT WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT BATTING NOW ..are we!...uh. Wow Karlee settle down there.

Okay YOU KNOW WHAT I'm going to say it.
Nick should get a golden glove.
And I know alot of you would agree with me.
Having a gold glove doesn't mean your bat is golden too.
Just the glove, thats it.
He deserves it after having a shit-tastic time at the plate.

Punto, you should be happy you are cute and nice, and amazing on the field.
And you should also be happy that Gardy loves you with with every inch of his Santa Claus heart.


Nick N. said...

A-Rod is not a great defender at third base. Jeter is a horrible defender, regardless of how the media portrays him. So those three players are probably not good comparisons for Punto.

Fielding percentage isn't a great barometer of defensive ability because it doesn't measure a player's range. For instance, Jason Bartlett commits a ton of errors but he is still a solid defender because he gets to more balls than, say, Juan Castro. So, I wouldn't base opinions on that statistic. But Punto is a very good fielder, and I'd agree he should be in the conversation for a Gold Glove. I suspect the award will go to Eric Chavez though. He's won it multiple times in the past, and he actually has a better fielding percentage than Punto at .975.

Karleeee said...

I know a-rod and jeter are bad...I just brought them up because everyone DOES think they are good.
But nobody pays attention to that because they are SO GOOD up at bat.

And Eric Chavez can take a damn break.

I don't know about this but have they ever given someone a gold glove even though their batting avg. was horrible?

It's usualy people who are also known for hitting gotta think about the little guys pun(to) intended..HAHA I just pun'ed a pun. OH WOW. *pats myself on the back*)

Nick N. said...

This is not a hyperbole... Jeter is the most overrated player in the history of the universe. He's not bad, but holy crap, he's not THAT good.

You make a good point about the correlation between batting average and Gold Glove voting. Even though, theoretically, offensive value should not affect the voting, I think it's pretty clear that it does. As I recall, Dougie Mientkiewicz missed out on the award at least once because he didn't hit well.

There have been exceptions. J.T. Snow has won several Gold Gloves despite being a very light-hitting first-baseman. I don't know if a guy who hit under .200 has ever won one though.

A lot of the time the GG's just seem to guy to guys based on big offensive years, or based on name alone (like with Jeter the past few years, or Jason Varitek in '05).

One example of a guy who has repeatedly been robbed because of his poor hitting is Adam Everett, shortstop for the Astros. Around baseball, he is widely considered to be the best defensive shortstop in either league, but he has never won a GG because he is a .247 career hitter.

Karleeee said...

Yeah that pisses me off.
It's called a gold GLOVE for a reason.

And isn't it rare for 3rd basemen to get gold gloves anyways?

I don't know much but it's usualy CF,1st,and catcher.

Nick N. said...

Gold Gloves are given out for each position in both leages. Eric Chavez has won it five or six times in a row at third base in the AL.

Karleeee said...

shows how much I pay attention, hahaha.

Yeah he doesn't need anymore.
He can take a break.

such an ass-hat.

Rachel_Slowey said...

punto does deserve teh golden glove.. no doubt.

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