Thursday, August 23, 2007


Twins5 - We lost by 27 points last night and we lost again tonight too- 2

You are the first awesomer of the day.
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Awesome game saving plays.
You catch the ball like a bee attacks flowers.
Going up to the Boof being all "we should do this"
And it worked. Getting the guy out at 2nd.

And that awesome Bunt and double and two runs scored?

0-1 game until the 8th inning when Punto opened it up with a perfect bunt. Then awesomeness insued.
Then Punto doing it again on a double play.

Say what?
Nick is over 200 again?

And Boof.
I You are amazing.
one score in 7 innings?
I think I can break this out once again.
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OH yes.
The Boof the Boof the Boof is on fire.

I smell a sweep. Don't want to be cocky but....C'mon.


Katie said...


That is all.

Karleeee said...

yeah I pretty much YAY'ed my ass off around the 8th inning.

Punto hustle?

.....Oh yes.

M. said...

Last night reminded me why it is good to always have hope and to not be one of "those fans" who jump on and off with every loss.

On another note, am I the only one who thinks Matt Guerrier should shave, just a little?

Rachel_Slowey said...


i didnt hear about the 30-3 game until just now... wow

and to add (more) insult to that..

all the runs were earned

raise your hand if your pitching sucks!!
(Orioles. you should have your hands up)

sarah said...

ummm i went to your house to watch the game and u werent there waaa bye bye. sarah

Karleeee said...

i was in the er all day :(

I still feel like im slowly dying. Back to bed for me :(

I missed Justin's effing home run.
Of course, lol.

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