Friday, August 10, 2007

You know what we need?

What we've been needing for the past like..well...this whole season?

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You can take this picture many ways
For example:
"Punto actually getting on base"
"Punto producing rbi's"

.... when I say mean things about punto I feel bad, but i think of them. SO I guess I half-ass mean it...I feel like I'm flushing a kitten down the toilet every time I say something non-positive about him.
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Well..we need rbis. Not just by him ( but we all know that would be nice right about now)
I love the kid, but there comes a time when you have to sit down and realize things.
Like how he needs to step it up a couple notches.
Like a couple hundred.
I always talk nice about him because he does have it.
He has the skill. But he lost it in his pile of Swedish fish and snickers bars.

I was looking at his stats from last year, then this year. *shudders*
It doesn't anger me. It just makes me sad. I mean think how he feels.
If I was him I'd be pulling out my flame thrower and going all batty.
(not really, I mean I don't have THAT bad of an anger problem.)

He doesn't take it out on the field. Which is good. Very very good.
I give him mad-ass props for staying level headed and not snap out when something bad happens.


Sorry, had to clear my throat.

All you gotta do is

Less of this.

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More of this:

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b/c you look crazy when you run. And it's super fun to watch.


sally says:
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Hi-Five! said...

"An Open Letter to Nick Punto" seems like it's on the horizon...but should, perhaps, be addressed to the whole team. Good stuff.

Karleeee said...

I still feel so wronged writing that...dirty....but venting is in order.

Flushed 12 kittens down the toilet....

And I agree with it being addressed to the whole team. I get so excited because they get so good then it's back to square one.


I'll always cheer for them.
Even though they make me want to rip out my hair sometimes :)

Katie said...

We all need to vent. Punto can take it.

But if you feel too bad about it, you should just do a "mind movie" of him going to bat with "Whip It" on the loudspeakers. It makes me feel happy every time.

Karleeee said...

I just laughed hard.

Now every time he does up to bat. I will think of that. And laugh. And people will look at me awkwardly.

Esp tonight.
Two of my friends are comming over to watch the game.

Drinkings will be happening.

I promised myself not to write another drunken blog. But who knows what will happen, haha.

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