Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm this close..

....To sending cookies and kittens to the twins locker room.
The boys need some hard-core hugs. And a couple nice love-taps on the ass for good measure.

From the star trib:

Sizing up the mood, Hunter said, "I don't know what's wrong, don't know what happened. Don't know if it was [trading] Luis Castillo, or the comments from Johan, or what. But something negative has hit this clubhouse. Somethings not right."

They need to all sit down and talk to each other about their problems.
Have some cookies, pet some kittens and get their blood pressure down a bit.
(Because its a known fact petting kittens/cats makes your blood pressure go down, don't believe me. GOOGLE IT.)

Nicky, stop getting too excited. We might have to stop giving you so much candy and treats before the game. Why would you bunt with 2 strikes? Why didn't you just fly out! *Huffs and stomps my feet*

Johan. Stop pouting. You still look sexy when you pout. And you know it.

Cuddyer. Striking out isn't cute. Work on that.

Morneau..... LULZ WTH? Find your boom stick please.

Mauer. Just stand there and act like you suck and your struggling just as much as the other players..you really aren't sweetums..just..to make them feel better..please...oh btw..that catching error and you trying to steal 3rd. NOT SO CUTE. But those two things are the least of our problems.

Torii...have uh, you been playing recently? Because I don't notice you out there. Sorry.

Gurrier. I truly feel bad for you. No I do, I'm not mad. I'm just sad. *gives you teddy bear graham crackers*

Gardy. Uhm. Did Nathan have to go to the bathroom really bad? Is that why you didn't put him in? I hope that's the reason. Rly. And I'm glad you sent down Ford and brought up Cali, because he's really been helping (NOT!)


Katie said...

"Something's not right," Torii? Really? Huh. Hadn't noticed.

I don't know who we caught The Suck from this time, but they can have it back.

Katie said...

I have a friend that moved to NYC, so I sent him this message of desperation this morning:

"So, are you a mets fan now that you live in NYC?

If so, you should go to a game and give Luis Castillo a message for me.

Tell him that he "es bueno" and that I miss him and then give him a hug. And maybe a little manly pat on the bottom.

And then add that if he perhaps put some sort of Dominican voodoo curse on his old team for trading him and making him cry, could he pleeeeease take it back? Not that'd I'd blame him....but he is hurting me. And I love him.

And if he says he DID NOT put a dominican voodoo curse on us, ask him if he's POSITIVE. Then say "lo siento" and give him another pat on the bottom.

thanks :)"

Maybe that will help. I do what I can.

Tricia said...

Kaylee...if you find a way to deliver cookies & kittens to the Twins clubhouse, please invite me to come along. :-)

Karleeee said...


VooDoo magic.
I wouldn't put it past him.

Your trying sweetie!
And if I do find a way to bring cookies and kittens to the locker room. I'll bring you all along. Hahaha.

I should write to them.
"So uh. You seem sad. Can I bring kittens and cookies to cheer you up?


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