Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Thank you.
But whats the deal with you guys sucking pure suckness.
Then winning a game 11-4 (aka a lot to a little?)
Can't you spread that out a bit? C'mon.

2B: Bartlett (16, Ramirez), Cuddyer (20, Ramirez), White (2, Ramirez), Hunter (34, Rowland-Smith).
HR: Bartlett (4, 5th inning off Ramirez, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Casilla 3; Bartlett 7; Mauer; Hunter 4; Morneau 2; Cuddyer 3; White 2; Tyner; Redmond 2.
RBI: Redmond 2 (28), Casilla 2 (7), Cuddyer (62), Bartlett (31), White 2 (6), Morneau 2 (91).

So. Punto got on base twice? If I remember correctly but both on fielders choice. Wtf. So that doesn't count as a hit. Eh.

Nice game kiddos.
I actually smiled, and did happy squeals.
And during the last 3 innings I went to a bar. And people were actually cheering this time.

I'm still not %100 awesome yet.
You guys need to prove you can do this more than once. And not go into the big pure-utter-suck-hole again.

We made awesome double plays (thnxpunto)
We did everything...well..pretty much right.

Garza 100(pitches)-60(strikes)= w00t.

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