Friday, August 10, 2007

Hmmm. Fox Sports...

Got this off of one of the fun groups I go look at:

From Fox Sports:3B —
Nick Puntkiewicz, Twins Thankfully for Twins fans, Punto hasn't been playing every day of late. However, he's still a qualifier, which makes his 2007 batting line of .209 AVG/.298 OBP/.271 SLG impossibly damaging to the team's hopes. A corner defender simply cannot slug less than .300 and not be a profound liability. The Twins have also tolerated miserable production from left and DH this season, and that's a big reason they're probably not going to the playoffs.

Nick Puntkiewicz.....
Are they all out to get me, and attack my heart?
I think you are fox sports...who's next?

How DARE you bring up my ex boyfriend and mix my new boyfriends name up with it!?
But seriously.
NOT cool.

You could of just said Nick Punto. But you had to go on and say something uber naughty.

Anyways...todays line-up:

Alexi Casilla 2B
Jason Bartlett SS
Joe Mauer C
Michael Cuddyer RF
Justin Morneau 1B
Torii Hunter CF
Jason Kubel DH (I'd so rather have redmond. Yep. I SAID IT.)
Rondell White LF (wow finally on the field eh? Good luck. WE NEED IT)
Nick Punto 3B.
Starting pitcher: Scott Baker.

oh yeah.
PS: I want to write something nice tonight


Katie said...

"Nick Puntkiewicz" makes me want to weep on so many different levels. Gah.

Karleeee said...

I would weep on all levels.

Even the basement.
Then flood it.

And drown in my own sadness.



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