Sunday, August 5, 2007


Now we are down another player.

I will miss your "omgz where is le ball?" little antics.
You are fun to watch.
They should of sent tyner down than you. Fo realz.
Now when I go to the game..I can't say lewwwwwwwww.
I promise.
When Busch Light or I'm not Castillo is up to bat I'll scream Lew at the top of my lungs. I never gave you any love. Because you play computer games. But it's okay. I play resident evil on my game cube. So we are SO in the same boat.

Carmen Cali eh.
I was wondering "where in the world is Carmen calisandiego" was.

Welcome back.
But Pfffftttt terryryanforbeingameanypants.

If you send Punto off, or away..or down to aaa..i don't know if you can but. if you DO


And then if you don't sign Hunter.
We will be outside of the dome.
with citronella (i cant spell) oil.
Pitch forks.
And random pieces of wood.

My heart hurts.


Luis Castillo.
Jeff Cirillo.
Lew Ford.

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Rachel_Slowey said...

I must say i disagree with you on Tyner being sent down over Lewwww

maybe Rondell should have

but not Tyner

Tyner is <3 as a first baseman

and White gets hurt skipping

why is he still around?

Rachel_Slowey said...

edit: Tyner is <3 as a lead off hitter

Karleeee said...

Actually. I might take it back.
Rondell should.
He came back and everyone is like "YAY" and he isn't even playing.
B/c tiny tyner is our new super hero. haha.

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