Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ichiro..the killah.

It was a quiet summer day in the serene lake house/farm land Justin and Joe called home on their time off.They were gearing up for the series with Seattle.....
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Joe:*getting his fishing tackle together along with his pole and bait* Hey hu...justin. Remember the days when we came up here all the time...just sat on our boat and watched the loons swim about.
Justin: *blank face* yes. There isn't any time for fishing Joe, we have work to do.
Joe:I know I know but I wanted to get a present for ichi...
Justin:SHHHHHHH...we can't talk about this here, nor speak his name.. lets go....

All of their team-mates thought they had a nice farm house with cows, chickens and such. Just a place to get away from the hussle and bussle from the city.

Little did they know they have a secret farmhouse where they make cyborg asian baseball players. The little hero we all know as ichiro suzuki came from the "quaint and pleasant" farm house.

Justin and Joe went off into the stables feeding them.Oh you ask who takes care of them while they are away? Well of course the one and only Doug Mientkiewicz. He has had some free time since he's been on the DL..and literally he has to be on the "DL" with the situation the M&M boys put him in.

After feeding the cyborg asian baseball players. Justin decides joe can go out and fish before they leave.

But all a sudden they get a call from dougy..screaming and crying.

Doug: JUSTIN..ichiro has gone haywire!!
Justin:WHAT...what do you mean!

Justin rushes to the tv and turns on espn.

announcer: It's chaos here in Seattle where the very well known and loved by all asian sensation baseball player ichiro suzuki has turned into a..Tasmanian devil of sorts. We don't know whats going on. I'm just. I'm in SHOCK!!!
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Joe walks in and Justin grabs him and they rush onward to seattle.

They reach their destination, searching everywhere for ichiro. They went to the field where he has dug his own make shift sunken den in the middle of center field.
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Justin:ichiro..whats wrong.
Ichiro: missa so hungry. I go crazy. I ate baseball.
Joe: I KNEW IT! JUSTIN..oh thank GOD I went fishing! *he holds out a delicious fish as ichiros eyes light up*
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Justin:oh by the way. were going to kick your ass.

Justin and Joe walk off the field...and lived happily ever...well..yeah the end.


Katie said...

Ha! I love me some awkwardness.

Ichiro is such a crazy little robot, you're totally right.

We need to f-ing destroy Seattle. For serious.

Karleeee said...

Oh yes we do.
I'm pretty excited for that series.

For some evil/weird reason I wish we could play the Mets again this season.

If johan pitched to castillo he'd just..curl up on the mound and cry and ask for his blankey.

Casey said...

Umm. . . I love this. More then anyone should. Thank you.

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