Thursday, August 23, 2007

thoughts of a baseball

Dear Justin Morneau,

Hi, it's me. *sighs*
Remember the days when you hit me between those two big yellow foul poles? And all the exciting fans tried to grab me because you hit a home run? I miss that. It's been a month....I'm sick of getting hit on the ground, it's messes up my complexion. I like it when you smack me SUPER HARD.

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Dear Nick Punto,


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Dear Boof Bonser,

Stop throwing me so high. I don't want home runs from the other team. I WANT HOME RUNS FROM YOU GUYS OKAY? And let me slap perfectly happy in Mauers mitt plz.

ps: oh yeah..when I said not to throw high, I also mean don't throw me in the damn dirt. Or infront of the plate.

bashfully yours,
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I SWEAR if you guys lose 0-1 again.
I will burn all my clothes in my living room and dance around saying I'm John Lennon. Wanna know why? Because your making me go bat shit crazy.

no words,
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