Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the land of 10,000 injuries

Watkins got hurt in today's game.

from the tribe:

"Tommy Watkins sustained a lower abdominal muscle injury running the bases in the eighth inning. He’s day-to-day, but he was still in pain and having trouble moving as the team packed for Baltimore."

I've heard people saying Nick Punto has a voodoo doll.
And slowly I'm thinking it's true....

The curse of the 3rd basemen position:

Buscher gets hurt.
Then Cirillo gets traded.
Watkins is now hurt.
And Rodriguez got sent down.

He's not just a super hero. He's also a voodoo magic man.

And Torii also has been feeling not so good:
"Torii Hunter has a sore right shoulder today, which led to Jason Tyner entering as a defensive replacement in the eighth inning. Hunter insisted he’d be back in the lineup tomorrow night."

He insists because he's hard core.

But seriously.
Can we get a break?
It feels as if every series someone gets hurt.
The only person who hasn't been hurt/sent down this year I think is Punto. (it's b/c of his voodoo magic-ness)
I could be wrong.
But it totally adds up with my crazy prediction that Punto is into dark magic.

I think he doesn't hit the ball well because his bat is his wand. And he doesn't want to hurt it, because broken wands....well they don't work.
I need to stop reading Harry Potter.

Buscher is supposed to be activated tomorrow.
I wouldn't be surprised if he got on the wrong plane. By "accident"
(aka nick brain washing him into making him go to Cabo San Lucas instead of Baltimore)
(fyi: I'm not SERIOUS...maybe)

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